Bill Conlin Calls Inquirer Reporter a “Beatch,” Says He Was Bigger to Daily News Than Sandusky to Penn State, Hints at Suicide

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Of course this story gets weirder.

On Monday night, Gawker (Deadspin) editor-in-chief A.J. Daulerio had an email exchange with Bill Conlin. The two had been friendly over the last few years, and when Inquirer reporter Nancy Phillips called Conlin about the child molestation accusations against him, Conlin emailed Daulerio. The two had lengthy phone and email conversations, and Daulerio offered Conlin a platform to deny the accusations. Conlin declined.

Yesterday, Daulerio heard from Conlin’s lawyer, George Bochetto, who asked that Deadspin not go public with the story that the Inquirer was about to drop a bombshell. Shortly thereafter, Conlin resinged.

Then Deadspin published their story. 

Then the Inquirer published theirs. 

Today, Deadspin published the entire email exchange with Conlin. 

An excerpt: 

Conlin to Daulerio (10:26 p.m.):

There are no e-mail questions from Phillips—only a request to call her to discuss a "sensitive issue." I was forwarded an e-mail from one of the persons who allegedly had knowledge of the alleged events. She basically scolds Phillips for a reneged promise by the two accusers to keep her and her family's name "out of this." And asks Phillips to not contact her again. I don't wish to do anything that could blow up in my face should they decide not to run the story. I am a lot bigger to the Daily News than Sandusky ever was to Penn State. But I don't have 19 years of heinous molestations involving children in my care that were covered up at many institutional levels. My daughter used to babysit Carlton's and McCarver's kids in spring training. Kalas' kids and my sons are still close. They were home-schooled by the same spring training tutor.

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Daulerio to Conlin (10:50 p.m.):

So you don't want it out there before the grave , newspaper version hits?

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Conlin to Daulerio (11:10 p.m.):

No, because that makes it a transparent move to cover my ass and which could be construed as a tactical plea bargain. In either case, I will have no choice but to either retire or resign from the Daily News. My "old, red, eyes," as you described them in your generous piece in PhillyMag, have seen more than enough. I will be 78 in May and should have fucking retired 12 years ago. But because I continued to attract more readers on average than any writer on either paper they gave me a sweetheart deal I could not refuse. But I make enough in pension and SS to walk on my salary to retire comfortably. I just do not wish to exit with an undeserved "P" on my chest.
If the piece this beatch writes paints me as a Jekyll-Hyde without identifying the "accusers," their names need to be out there next to mine—since they bought houses from my wife, drank my vodka the night of her viewing and decided after 40 years it was Sandusky Time to come out.

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The whole story is here. As you might imagine, it is of the must-read variety.


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  1. I bet he treats himself to 1 last meal before he offs himself. Maybe a side of cheese fries

  2. ‘Stoky’ must be in his glory… sad story. The email reveal Conlin’s amazingly massive ego. I for one believe these victims – every single word. What a creep.

  3. I actually have an email from him from like 8 years ago where he replied to a question I had about Richie Allen, and he replied with a full 3 paragraphs. At the time I thought it was great to have, now not so much.

  4. He was obviously trying to scoop the Inky on the story by giving it to Deadspin. Kind of have to respect that sort of F-you move.

  5. I had chills reading the details of these allegations. The Inquirer article could have been written about my family…Conlin’s M.O., his sociopathic response to the allegations and especially how this issue was dealt with when brought to the attention of the “adults”. It is EXACTLY how this crime was handled in the 70’s. I am a skeptical person by nature, but my gut and personal experience tells me that this is all true.

  6. What I find amazing about the whole thing is that an old fossil like Conlin actually uses an iPad. Meanwhile, the man’s ego and arrogance in his private missives clearly rivals anything he puts into print.

  7. I enjoy the cheap, non paying plug for Apple. It didn’t help the story to know that the emails were sent from an iPhone or an iPad, but I loved the free publicity.

  8. Marcus Hayes has a piece out tomorrow calling Conlin a racist for only molesting white kids.

  9. Yo, David! Don’t give Hayes any ideas. That moron might actually write something like that.

  10. When I’m King of the world –
    Conlin would be prosecuted
    When I’m King of the World –
    The DN and Inquirer will print front page exposes on newsroom pedophiles every other month just like they seemingly print about pedos in the Catholic Church
    When I’m King of the world –
    Conlin would have the guts to stand up to his accusers including his own flesh and blood
    When I’m King of the world –
    There will be no more innane articles to read from this hack who should have retired when Carter was in office.

  11. Well it’s not like they are fabricating stories about pedophilia in the Catholic church so I don’t see your point.

  12. stop2think –
    today’s DN front page story: more Conlin victims come forward. True to their uniquely sensationalistic form, they have a full page black and white image of the fat old perv leering at us from the newsstand.
    They’re not exactly burying this story.

  13. read the Deadspin piece yesterday – my thoughts
    1 – he never actually denies anything
    2 – he’s arrogant as all fuck
    I emailed this doosh back in the baseball playoffs – he wrote something about 1964 – I let him know I liked his story and that i was too young to remember ’64, but ’93 still gives me nightmares and how I blame Fregosi
    – he wrote back and jumped down my throat defending Fregosi and telling me I don’t know shit about fregosi’s choices in 93 – fuck him – asshole
    he made me feel like shit for liking anything he wrote

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