Chris Pronger Out For Remainder of Season

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Ah shit. 

Here’s the official statement from Paul Holmgren:

“After consultation with respected concussion specialists Dr. Joseph Maroon and Dr. Micky Collins, it is the opinion of both doctors that Chris is suffering from severe post concussion syndrome. It is the recommendation of Doctors Maroon and Collins that Chris not return to play for the Philadelphia Flyers for the remainder of the 2011-12 season or playoffs.  Chris will continue to receive treatment and therapy with the hope that he can get better.” 


When Pronger went to Pittsburgh to visit with Maroon and Collins, and we had to wait two days for an update, you knew it wasn’t going to be good news.


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  1. He’s done, career over. You don’t come back from severe post-concussion symptoms when you’re 36 years old and you have a wife and kids. It would just be stupid. I fucking love Chris Pronger but he’s done and we need to move forward and go out and get a top defenseman like Shea Weber or Ryan Suter, Nashville loves trading us their good players for practically nothing.

  2. “Pittsburgh? I want a second opinion. Those guys are just Penguin fans.”
    Posted by: Kevin | December 15, 2011 at 08:25 PM
    That’s what I thought. I don’t care if they have the premeer concussion research center, I still think U of Penn would be a better place for him to get some more tests. Johns Hopkins maybe, even if that’s pretty much Caps-land.
    Actually Puck Daddy referenced Seravelli’s column regarding the matter, that maybe Pronger got either concussed or it got exasserbated from a clean hit by Coyotes Martin Hanzal when they played in Phoenix on 11/17:

    The Real IBMcG—Often imposterered, never outclassed.

  3. My guess is that may be it for his career. Post concussion syndrome is serious stuff. My brother had a severe concussion last year and still has significant symptoms 16 months later. He completely lost the ability to walk for about 5 weeks, had to relearn with walkers and a cane, and did not drive a car for over 10 months. Not saying Pronger’s symptoms are that severe but the next one could be. You can’t mess with the brain.

  4. If you read through the tea leaves, it seems that Chris Pronger is in the same position as Lappy. The question is whether Pronger retires or gets paid to sit on LTIR. I believe that he will get paid for at least one more season under the hope that he can recover. If he does retire, which wouldn’t make much sense for his bottom line, the Flyers would have his cap hit count for the remaining three seasons of his contract.

  5. “My head hurts”…what a pussy. Get back on the ice you bum. I’m sick of hearing about these concussions. I’ve had about 70 concussions and i still play sports at a high level.

  6. This fuckin sucks about Pronger. Now I’m worried about Giroux. I’ve said before I think these oncussions are. Being over blown but if they are erroring on the side of concussion… G could b out a while. I would love to see Shea Weber but Nashville doesn’t need a goalie. We are gonna have to trade Bob to get a top tier D-man. Maybe Schenn & “insert young, promising player here” to get Weber. Or Bob to a team who needs a goalie. Can’t think of one off hand. Anybody have any ideas?

  7. Take a fucking advil & get the f back on the ice.What a bust
    Come on baby, why you sounding like that

  8. i’ve noticed that players that get concussed and don’t follow the appropriate protocol by coming back too soon wind up missing the longest period of time. If there is any positive news concerning G, it would be that he didn’t come back after taking that hit. He’s a tough dude and I expect him not to be out long term.
    Absolute sucks about Chris, wish him the best in his recovery and long-term health.

  9. The Flyers need to be concerned about Carle’s pending free agency. Any move to add an expensive defensemen would mean that he’ll leave after the season. Gustaffson should get his shot (as Flyers have no confidence in Marshall).
    RIP Christopher Hitchens

  10. Benjy Bronk, why do ya think the Flyers have no confudence in Marshall? I tell ya what, they seem to be winning with both him and Bourdon doing a good job as the 3rd pair of Ds. He might be more valuable than even Lilja—I’d say get rid of Lilja but it be hard to get anything but Jack Shyte for him and Jack Shyte don’t play hockey.
    Carle is an issue next season, so let them worry about crossing that river when they get to it. Methinks they don’t need to get a top-teer D, so Wolf, they don’t need to make any big moves unless they aren’t happy with some of the guys who are already filling in. So they don’t need to and shouldn’t deal Bobs. god forbid Bryz gets hurt or worse just tanks and they need Bobs, because do you want Backlund or Backchewachewa or Leighton (yikes!) to be next in line every game? Departing with Bobs would undercut every move Homer made this past off-season. I also don’t think they should depart with Schenn yet (if they could, could they?). It’d be nice to see him healthy enough to see if he can soliddify his place on the roster. But if Homer feels he has to go while he has value, I wouldn’t be devestated. My only hope is that dealing him or anybody away doesn’t wind up helping a potential rival down the line, biting them in the arse.
    And Bronk, why should Hitchens “rest in peace”? He didn’t believe in god or an afterlife, so that’s all she wrote, no? Dead is dead. And you can’t rest when you’re dead. You can only lay there all dead. Of course there’s “rest” in the other sense of the word; that is, a “body” at rest will stay at “rest”, as opposed to a “body” in motion staying in motion, unless they’re forced to do something else. Newton was a quite a thinker for a strange fella (but not as strange as Laddie). But people like Hitchens and I don’t give a shyte what people say about him, and me, after he’s dead, then when comes the day that I’m dead. Well wishes or eppitets, it don’t matter to us if we’re dead and our “conshyusness” no longer exists. Savvy? Hitchens sure as shyte savvied all of this.

    The Real IBMcG—Often imposterered, never outclassed.

  11. let’s be really honest here, post cup finals, pronger has been playing like a 3 and yes, i’m very aware of how well he elevates his play in the playoffs. No question, this sucks but with the talent the flyers have in the system and the tradeable vets on the roster homer will figure something out, btw – they’ve won 7 in a row. Don’t jump of the ben just yet boys.

  12. The visor doesnt have anything to do with his concussion. That had to do with him almost losing an eye. He was hit from behind face first into the glass. The only thing a visor did was stop him from shattering facial bones in addition to a concussion

  13. NHL needs to bring back the red line. Might slow the game down a bit, but keeps the guys on the ice rather than on the scratch list.

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