Chris Pronger Out Indefinitely, Will Visit Concussion Specialist

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What the hell?

Chris Pronger injury timeline: "virus"… knee surgery… “concussion-like symptoms.” Paul Holmgren via the Flyers:

While Chris' knee is improving, he has struggled with other issues that are concussion-like symptoms. Chris will see Dr. Joe Maroon and Dr. Mickey Collins on Wednesday, December 14th in Pittsburgh for further evaluation. Chris will be out indefinitely.


Perhaps HBO cameras have caught some of what’s gone on here. Pronger went from being sick to having a bad knee to seeing Dr. Joseph C. Maroon, a neurosurgeon, and Dr. Michael Collins, a sports concussion expert who was seen by Carlos Ruiz last summer.

The Flyers originally said Pronger had passed a concussion test.

Pronger's “virus” very obviously no longer seems like a virus, and you can’t help but wonder if this has something to do with the eye injury he sustained last month. That last part is speculation, but it was a blow to the head and he did have much swelling around and behind the eye.  

Brayden Schenn also has a concussion. Happy Friday.

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15 Responses

  1. It being related to the stick to the eye makes a lot of sense. When you saw it happen, and then such positive results came out initially, how it wouldn’t be a long recovery time… that just didn’t jive. It really seemed that, witnessing the severity of the stick hitting his face, it would be longer than two weeks.
    We see guys get hit in the face all the time, shake off the headaches and everything and play again, then be out with concussion symptoms. This is not surprising to me, in the least bit. I’d bet all the money I could this is related to that incident.

  2. So far they have faired rather well. I like our chances and just look forward to Pronger eventually returning when he is completely healthy.

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