Daily News Editor Weighs In on Conlin

Daily News editor Larry Platt, a long-time colleague and friend of Bill Conlin, addressed the accusations on Philly.com.

An excerpt:

I have known Bill Conlin since 1990, and before that, I knew him as a legendary voice on the page. I simply do not know how to reconcile what I've read with the man I know. I spoke to him today. He offered to retire and I immediately accepted. I knew I'd never be comfortable running his byline again.

For a long time today, we struggled with how to best acknowledge this story without knowing the facts or reporting on it ourselves. It is a strange and sad time in the newsroom, and we will do our best to cover this as if it were any other high-profile figure in Philadelphia. But of course it is not just another high-profile figure in Philadelphia.

Conlin has been synonymous with this paper for five decades, and to pretend that we know how to approach a story like this is to insult your intelligence. All I can promise you is that we will attempt to be as thorough and fair as we can possibly be – not just to the facts of the story – but also to you, our readers. And that means being as open and transparent as we can be. 


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  1. Any health professional who has worked with child sex abuse victims knows full well that child predators exist in every strata and segment of our society. The high profile abusers who have recently been outed just happened to be hiding in plain sight.
    No profession is immune, including law enforcement.
    Maybe FINALLY America’s Dirty Little Secret will be exposed, awful and heinous as it is. We can’t fix a problem until we know it exists.

  2. Too bad the media didn’t show this kind of restraint with Joe Pa. But I guess you only try to NOT ruin a persons life if you are long time friends of that person or they work for the people who sign your check.

  3. Fire the editor! There’s no way the editor didn’t know what was going on! And fire the mayor! He should know what’s going on in his city! Fire the governor! He should’ve put a stop to this!
    Fire the president! He’s running a country that has child molestors in it! I will never hire anyone from Philadelphia cause they aren’t attacking Conlin like they should be! He’s a monster and they’re guilty by association!
    All the stupid fucks

  4. After watching a few minutes of DNL yesterday I think Conlin may possibly be hiding out inside John Smallwood.

  5. Why call this problem one of America, that girl?
    Conlin is a sick and disturbed person. And obviously a pathological child molester. We don’t need charges or a guilty verdict here to know these people are not lying. The reporting is obviously an attempt to get someone victimized by him after 1996 to come forward. They really ought to highlight the statutes more clearly.
    The only appropriate response for Bill would be to write a public apology to his victims, their (his) family; and also to his readers. And he should seek help and beg for forgiveness, which he can never be given. But to go around and pretend this is all a lie or feign innocence is a fucking crime. Don’t continue to harm the people you hurt by openly calling them liars.

  6. “Why call this problem one of America, that girl?”
    For the purposes of this blog’s readership, which is based in the USA. However, if you refer to one of my prior posts regarding Conlin, I wrote that if all family child sex abuse perps were jailed, there wouldn’t be enough cells on planet earth to house them. (Implying that it is a global problem.)
    No need to get defensive about my apparent calling out of our own great nation’s molesters: they exist worldwide because humans do bad things globally, especially to the vulnerable (not limited to children) particularly when they know they are cloaked in a conspiracy of silence, whether intentional or de facto.

  7. It appears you are the one who is defensive and now you are cloaking your comment. I’m just pointing out the fact that you are making it seem like this is some big fundamental dirty little secret of America, which is exactly what you said and how it was interpreted, when in fact there is most likely a much larger issue at hand that shouldn’t be trivialized or localized. Whatever, Conlin IS guilty and hopefully more people do come forward at a macro level to expose these sick sick people.

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