Daily News Names Roy Halladay Their Sportsperson of the Year

Well, this is pseudo surprising.

Comping a year in which he won a Cy Young Award, and threw a perfect game and playoff no-hitter, Roy was going to  have trouble wowing fans. Still, though, while the summer may have been dominated by Cliff Lee (at times) and man-crushing bloggers waxing uncomfortable poetic about his every move (-looks down-), Halladay was again the model of consistency. The Daily News named him their Sportsmanperson of the year for the second consecutive year. I wonder if One Chair got a vote…

Read it here.


6 Responses

  1. I think with Cliff coming back, the hype on Doc seemed to die down A BIT. And you’re right, Kyle, Cliff dazzled us with moments, but Roy had the consistency.
    In response to the article, it was interesting when his agent described Roy as two separate people: The man on the mound and the man off. I thought that part was very touching. I don’t think we’ll ever know the real Roy Halladay.

  2. Wouldn’t have even been a game 5 if Cliff Lee hadn’t blown a lead and allowed 5 runs in game 2. Get over it.

  3. i think what really chaps your ass, Chris Steng, is the abuse it takes from your boyfriend’s nuts.

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