DeSean Jackson Ignores His “Haiters”

Screen Shot 2011-12-09 at 1.41.36 PM
DeSean Jackson would like to address those displaying negativity toward his play, off-the-field distractionals and attitude. The haters, if you will.

Screen Shot 2011-12-09 at 1.41.49 PM

I sometimes can’t tell if he’s tweeting his feelings or a rap lyric, but consider us among those ignoring his ignoring of the hate, haiters.

My God, I hate this team.

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29 Responses

  1. @DeseanJackson10 it’s because you make 10 times what most people do for 16 days of work. grow up and catch the damn ball.

  2. I hate this team too, someone else on another story put it best, 2011 eagles: most unlikeable team EVER…. but i really really really hate D-Jack!

  3. D Jax is the leader of the most unlikeable eagles team ever. punk should take some english classes at ccp

  4. I was a huge fan of Jackson last year. This is why he slipped to the second round in the draft. Every team knew he was a cry baby. What team is going to pay this guy big money now? He proved he isn’t a top 20 receiver after this season. His next deal just went from 5yrs $50M to probably 2yr $10M. You cannot sign him to a long term deal because he will just cry and stop playing before his contract is up. Congrats Desean, you just went from one of the biggest play makers to a soft Santana Moss type receiver in one season……..I thought he was close to the top 10 last year, now he can’t even hold Santonio Holmes jock, lol

  5. Don’t look now, but the Casey (pussy) Mathews fiance cries story just went national…how did this bunch of fucking crybabies ever get to town?

  6. If you’re not blowing a black athlete – you must be a hater.
    We were haters when we said McNabb wasn’t great – he then sucked in DC and sucked more in Minnesota – now he can’t get a job throwing horse shoes.
    Are we still haters on McNabb?
    It really doesn’t matter was DJackass gets paid – he will be broke soon enough – we saw on this site reciepts of his parties ($10,000 for the first round – $25K in one night) – I’m sure his record label will be a HUGE success.
    All those hanger-ons/entourage types will bleed him dry just like MC Hammer and others and then will all vanish from his life.
    You go “playa” – you be ballin’ – see you on HBO Real Sports in 10 years when your on food stamps.

  7. Boy, How I long for the days of Runyan, Trot, Dawk, Hugh & Troy Vincent. These undersized no talent, no character players on D andy has drafted are flat out terrible

  8. @block that kick, nice work on the Hammer reference, lolz. Don’t worry folks, this team will gel soon enough and fat andy will put the players in position to make play soon, give em a break, with the lock out and this being a young team, they just need time. :rollseyes:

  9. MM, can I please answer that?…OK, I will.
    Your answer is Andy Reid. The second part of your answer is Weinie Rosemann. Time’s yours.

  10. I also enjoy his randomly capitalized words.
    I know it’s become a necessary evil, but I can’t stand Twitter. It shows how incredibly fucking stupid people are, especially athletes who can’t spell or use punctuation properly.

  11. I agree completely. The Eagles are my team, ALWAYS will be. However, I “hait” this particular team.

  12. This fake thug Desawn Jackson or whatever he is need to go back to elementary school and learn to spell. Smh at some of these savages. “Haiters” gonna “hait”

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