Godammit, Peter, why do you have to be so damn lovable twice in one night? I don’t have the stamina for this.

Just an hour before the start of 24/7, as I admittedly flipped away from the Flyers game to get Ms. CB caught up on the second half of last week’s episode, I got a call from my buddy. Exchange:

Buddy: Lavs just shoved Steve Ott.

Me: Fuck outta here.

Buddy: No, really. It was during intermission and Versus-NBC Sports-Comcast-whatever the fuck (OK, I made that part up) showed it at the start of the second period. Maybe your DVR got it.

Me: Christ, I love this man. I gotta go. – sprints to remote -  

Yep. Yep, he shoved Steve Ott:

So, what brought this on, you ask? Ott said the confrontation was because Lavs walked through the Stars’ entranceway before the entire Dallas team – the home team – could get by after the first period. Apparently, there’s an unwritten rule about that, or something, which this hockey player of eight years has never heard.

Ladies and gentlemen, some fuckface who I – another admission – had to Google to find out if he’s done anything of consequence in the NHL. He hasn’t.

“I don’t know. It’s disrespect of our building, obviously. Just let our team off, it’s not really that big of a deal. He obviously thought that he’s got  higher power than everybody else and a little bit more arrogance than most coaches in the whole NHL, and that’s probably the first time I’ve seen that. But I would never do that against Philadelphia if I was in their building and had to walk through the lineup. Just let us go and show a little respect, that’s all. I don’t know what drove it, obviously it was probably his own arrogance going to their dressing room.”


I was waiting for him to yell No frontsies, no frontsies!! Good God, man, get a grip.

What did Lavs have to say about it? Nothing. He avoided the topic.

In 24/7, however, he didn’t avoid one topic– Montreal bias.

Last Thursday in Montreal, when Jaromir Jagr was tripped and no penalty was called, the Flyers quickly got a penalty of their own and the Canadiens scored on the ensuing power play. Lavs was mad– real mad. Not only did he get into it with officials multiple times (though, surprisingly, he went with “frickin” instead of “fuck” when talking to at them), but he also called them out for having a Montreal bias, something I’m sure the league is going to love.

You can hear it in the video (after the jump), he brought it up multiple times. One was chopped off by whoever edited the clip for uploading, but the second instance, said to coaches in the locker room, was loud and clear:

“How the fuck is that not a penalty? What a disgrace. Typical Montreal.”


Earlier on the bench, you could hear one Flyers player very clearly say:

“I know we’re in Montreal, but wake up.”


Yeah, Gary Bettman isn’t going to like that.

Video of both Steve Ott and Lavs yelling, after the jump.

via Anthony SanFilippo