ESPN Ran a Lengthy Story on Philly Fans Throwing Snowballs at Santa

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Merry Christmas. ESPN brought up the Santa-snowball thing again… and turned it into a cover story. To be fair, it finally tells the story of why people threw snowballs at Santa. But, while it’s well-written and a good story, the article is more about the man who played Santa rather than a true explanation of Philly fans. 

Read it. Or don’t. You probably already know the story.


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  1. The crap I get for being an Eagles fan in the heart of Ravens/Redskins territory is incredible. I love when people say, “Oh, you throw snowballs at Santa!” IT WAS 1968!! GET OVER IT!! Merry Christmas Kyle and to everyone in Philly!

  2. @Steve
    Brilliant idea. Alright. We hire some classless fuck to go to another city (I say St. Louis, because apparently it’s heaven there and they have the “best” fans). We study the Cardinals’ pre-game anthem singer schedule. The most vulnerable performer (if we’re lucky, it’ll be some kid with a terrible disease) is picked and our classless fuck, decked out in Cardinals gear, heads onto the field (with a mic, we have to get him a mic) and proceeds to rip into everything the child has done to fuck up his life to that point, blaming his sinful imagination for his disease. After he has sufficiently torn the kid a new asshole, he should take the first pitch ball and throw it as hard as possible at the kid’s face. Then he should yell about how every other city can “Suck St. Louis’ bloody taint!”
    Maybe, if that happened, Philly could stop having to hear about Santa.
    I still doubt it though. Everyone would say “are you sure that guy isn’t from Philly?! Har har har!” And, in this story, since we hired him, they’d probably be right. Fuck.
    Nope. Gonna hear about it the rest of our lives.

  3. I don’t understand how booing Santa is worse than almost killing someone in the parking lot? But no one mentions that story when they talk about LA teams.

  4. I guess that chick had nothing better to write about. How about Scott Paterno’s holiday eating habits?

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