Flyers Weigh in on 24/7

As mentioned earlier, the Flyers are staying at the Sofitel in Montreal tonight, and they don't have HBO. However, they did give some generic quotes about the upcoming series on the team's website. Here are a couple of highlights:

“You don’t expect them sometimes. All of a sudden they all show up. I showed up to the rink the other day and the guy was right outside my truck and followed me all the way into the arena. It’s been quite an experience so far and it will be good to watch it on TV.”
–   Matt Read
– – – – – - 
“Fans can expect an up close and personal look at their team tonight, on the ice and off. We've now been living with the team for over a week and have been able to capture many of their personalities and stories. They've won every game since our crew arrived full time so we've been documenting a happy locker room. But of course, there's also been the unfolding of Claude Giroux's very unfortunate injury.”
-    Bentley Weiner, Coordinating Producer on the Flyers production side


Full quotes here.

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