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I don’t like to say fuck in the headline, it seems unprofessional or something. But I imagine that’s how it sounded in foul-mouthed Bruce Boudreau’s head when he fired off some unprovoked shots at your Philadelphia Flyers, who spoiled the rotund coach’s first game with the Ducks on Friday night.

Some quotes via the Orange County Register (and yes, their favicon is a delicious looking orange):

“I knew exactly what Philly was going to do,” he said. ”I knew the guys that were going to dive and they did. They got away with it. The only one that didn’t get away with it was [Wayne] Simmonds. It looked like he got shot. And he went down until he start peeking and no one was calling it and then he had to get back up.

[Scott] Hartnell looked like he’d gotten shot by a bazooka. He didn’t miss a shift and then he comes in and scores the tying goal.”


That’s exactly Hartnell’s game… or he just tripped over the blue line. One or the other.  

Whatever– Boudreau is just pissy that the Flyers got their futbol on en route to beating the Ducks in overtime. And where’s Scott Hartnell, you ask? Well, he’s after the jump scoring the tying goal (standing up!) on Friday night.

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