F$%@#n Bruce Boudreau F$%@#n Doesn’t Like it When the F$%@#n Flyers Dive

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I don’t like to say fuck in the headline, it seems unprofessional or something. But I imagine that’s how it sounded in foul-mouthed Bruce Boudreau’s head when he fired off some unprovoked shots at your Philadelphia Flyers, who spoiled the rotund coach’s first game with the Ducks on Friday night.

Some quotes via the Orange County Register (and yes, their favicon is a delicious looking orange):

“I knew exactly what Philly was going to do,” he said. ”I knew the guys that were going to dive and they did. They got away with it. The only one that didn’t get away with it was [Wayne] Simmonds. It looked like he got shot. And he went down until he start peeking and no one was calling it and then he had to get back up.

[Scott] Hartnell looked like he’d gotten shot by a bazooka. He didn’t miss a shift and then he comes in and scores the tying goal.”


That’s exactly Hartnell’s game… or he just tripped over the blue line. One or the other.  

Whatever– Boudreau is just pissy that the Flyers got their futbol on en route to beating the Ducks in overtime. And where’s Scott Hartnell, you ask? Well, he’s after the jump scoring the tying goal (standing up!) on Friday night.

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  1. Still hate him though not it messes up my Playoff bracket. I could always count on the Caps to be out by the second round.

  2. The NHL’s Stay-Puft Man needs to keep his mouth shut and focus more on his own team which went belly up and lost.

  3. Keep talkin’ fatty… your new team just lost its 17th game out of it’s last 20. Maybe you should teach your guys how to dive. It obviously works! HAHA!! Have fun in the cellar, loser.

  4. Funny, but I’d rather the Flyers not turn into the Penguins (other than the Cup).
    Glad we won, but diving sucks.
    Although you rarely see the Ducks give up more power plays at home than they get. Usually they get a TON of calls at home.

  5. i’m with Andy. if this were any other team we’d be calling them all sissies and cry babies. the fucking Broad Street Bullies should never dive. never once. ever. if they can’t even avoid diving, then fuck it all. i wont let my being a huge fan of the Flyers blind me from their bullshit.

  6. They aren’t the broadstreet bullies numb nuts. Let it go. And if you think Bob C never dove your just plain stupid.

  7. whatever you say, James. all i know is that diving does not belong in any sport. and i’ll not defend nor try to rationalize it just because it’s my team doing it.

  8. also, i adore your yarn, but i think you should give it to someone else that will help it find its way into a lovely handknit. i’d be so sad to see it languish here 🙁 so, i’m respectfully withdrawing my name from the running.

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