HBO Producers Expect More Access For 24/7, Watch NBC Winter Classic Commercial

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Beginning this evening, HBO 24/7 cameras will be rolling in-full with the Rangers, who are playing the Leafs. Presumably, cameras will soon be surrounding the Flyers, too. According to this Canadian Press article, the second season of 24/7 will closely mimic its first iteration, but producers have some other, more officious ideas in mind. Take it away, you Canadians you:

But viewers can expect some changes. For one, HBO is hoping to gain even more access than it had a year ago, when it showed footage from inside the dressing rooms, training rooms, players' houses, team planes and even the NHL's video room on a disputed goal review.

"I can't really tell you what (else we'll do) yet because it's not approved, but we're hoping for other microphones and cameras in places outside the rink that'll give you a feel for everything that's being decided and going on," said Harmon.

This is true reality programming with producers unable to manipulate or control storylines. Facing a quick turnaround time, they must simply follow whatever developments crop up around the teams.

They'll be joining the Flyers at a time when they've just lost captain Chris Pronger for approximately four weeks after knee surgery. Harmon identified the veteran defenceman as one of the players HBO had hoped to focus on. The Rangers, meanwhile, have been hot and look like serious challengers in the Atlantic Division.


Notice the way our friends to the north spell defenceman… yeah, me too. – le sigh – Anyway, another thing producers mentioned was that shooting NHL teams (not literally) is more difficult than, say, boxers and NASCAR folks, who are usually training, not in the midst of competition.

You can read that full article here or watch the NBC Winter Classic commercial after the jump. The choice, it’s yours.


Video seems to be slow-loading:

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8 Responses

  1. “Notice the way our friends to the north spell defenceman… yeah, me too. – le sigh -”
    Wait you mean ‘notice the way our friends to the north know how to spell English words correctly’ surely?

  2. Yes, the “friends” to the north spell it the way that the kings and queens of the ages from that “great” isle to the east have ruled them to spell it. Is this why we won our freedom, to spell it the way we like? Were we so repressed under the yoke of tyrrany that we had to change our language too?
    But buggerall with the one and only “correct” way to spell, ya slappy snob clown. It doesn’t hinder me none.

  3. JvR hardly looks badass.
    Also, let’s just confess that 24/7 was boring last year. They need to cut down the episodes down to 22 minutes to make it interesting.

  4. Schtick, I’m sure you could have asked the Sabres last year and they’d disagree about JVR.
    I don’t remember 24/7 being boring at all. And considering it’s the Flyers this year, I don’t think I’d be thrilled with 22-minute episodes. 22-minute episodes are hardly worth tuning in for.

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