Here Are The New Grand Jury Findings Against Jerry Sandusky

Screen Shot 2011-12-07 at 3.43.59 PMAnd yeah, he's still wearing Penn State gear [Photo: Daily Collegian]

Today's arrest stems from two additional charges being added to the grand jury report. Get ready to feel dirty all over again:

Screen Shot 2011-12-07 at 2.21.01 PM


The additions to the grand jury report describe a lot of oral sex (both given and received), anal sex, and pool, hotel and jacuzzi incidents. No mention of Joe Paterno or any other Penn State officials, but Sandusky did bring victim to football games while he was defensive coordinator.

You can read the full report on victims 9 and 10 here.


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  1. I hate how Crossing Broad continues to post stuff about the Sandusky scandal because this is a Philly sports blog. This report has ZERO to do with Philly sports. Stop talking about it. Don’t cover this or anything PSU for that matter because this is a Philly blog and Jerry Sandusky has nothing to do with philly sports.

  2. Stop whining, Pissed. Just because the school you and your fellow cool-aid drinkers blindly and irrationally worship has some tarnish on it now, does not make it irrelevant. Philadelphia is Penn State country.

  3. Considering the fact that ESPN covered this very close for a week staright and PSU being a local college I feel that this is a very popular story that many of us are interested in. I have been getting text after text from ESPN and news stations about this since it happened, and 3 text today about todays matters. Did you go to PSU and are you bitter about this? That would explain alot more.

  4. Pissed…it must suck to be forced to read (and then comment) on this stuff. Hopefully soon whoever runs The Internet will come up with a way that individual people can just choose not to read things themselves. We can hope.

  5. Victim 9 expected Dottie Sandusky to come to the rescue when he screamed for help? Poor kid. How could he know that the old cow was enabling her pig/pervert of a husband so she could bask in his reflected glory?
    Rot in hell, Jerry Sandusky – and for you hell starts today.

  6. @Jbueno54 : How many texts have they sent to you about the tapes they had on Bernie Fine? Bunch of low lifes at ESPN.
    Glad to see Sandusky finally in Jail.

  7. Sad this happened to those kids. Glad many of them have the courage to speak up. Hopefully others who have been victimized will also come forward.

  8. And everyone who listens to Von Hayes is an idiot and should drink cyanide. Just because a bunch of idiots protected a child molester doesn’t mean all of us support them. Open up a book and grow a pair idiot

  9. And stupidity looks like this idiot Jerry Sandusky. You are a loser and a troll Von Hayes

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