Here’s a Ridiculous Winter Classic Commercial

As (@Roose_TTB) reminds us, it parodies this song, The Good 'Ol Hockey Game… which I'm not sure makes it any better.

via SNY Rangers Blog

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12 Responses

  1. Great commercial! Love it. But you probably will only love it if your a die hard hockey guy. It is an old song…”The good old hockey game, is the best game we can make, and the best game we can make is the goooooood oleeeeeee hockey gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!!!!”

  2. My apologies Fat Albert…it has been many years since I have listened to it (actually had it on a Hockey Hall of Fame CD that I lost) and yes I could have googled it but I thought that is what they had said…my bad.

  3. I like the song, hate the commercial, but doesn’t matter I got my winter classic tickets in the mail yesterday. To quote the prophet Hartnell, Scott “#boom”

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