Ilya Bryzgalov Discusses… The Universe

HBO heavily focused on Bryz, especially his quirky personality.

Ilya Bryzgalov on the universe:

"Right now, I’m very into the universe. You know, like how it was created. You know, like, what is it? You know, solar system is so humungous big, right? But, if you see our solar system and our galaxy on the side, you know, like, and you see it and it was so small. You couldn’t even see it, our galaxy is like huge, but if you see the big picture, our galaxy is like small, tiny, like, dot in the universe, like. You think, we have some problems here on the earth we worry about, compared to, like… nothing. Just be happy. Don’t worry, be happy right now."


There you have it. Unlocking the mystery of life.

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  1. There’s something to be said about goalkeepers, they’re all a little quirky,hey have to be to voluntarily put their body in front of a fast moving puck. Love it!

  2. Somebody needs to show him this (from the Hubble Deep Field camera system):
    That image is from this site:
    Every point of light in that picture is an entire galaxy, just like our Milky Way, full of billions of suns. Basically, the number of galaxies in the universe outnumbers the amount of stars and solar systems in an average galaxy like ours.
    The other amazing thing is that the Deep Field camera allows Hubble to see these objects which are over 13 billion light-years away. Since the speed of light is a constant, that means we are also looking at them as they were 13 billion years ago in the past.
    Bryzgalov is right, it just shows how insignificant we really are, along with all our petty conceits, in the entire scheme of the cosmos. There is no other choice but to not worry and be content when you look at it this way.
    By the way, when you look at an image like that, it’s difficult to imagine there being no other sentient life in the universe. Regardless of whether or not they ever visited our planet, if it’s true that they’re not out there somewhere, like Carl Sagan said, “Then the Universe is just an awful waste of space.”

  3. Well said Mr. Iron Schlong McSweeney……. Reminds me of the show on the History channel that I find absolutely fascinating called Ancient Aliens. Bryz may sound crazy for not being as articulate about such a complicated topic of discussion not to mention it is not at all hockey related. Add the Russian accent and you have unintentional comedy at it’s best.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, JoeyB.
    I need to point out I made an unintended mistake in my previous comment. I meant to say “ALMOST every point of light in that picture is an entire galaxy…”

  5. Ok, this can’t be ignored. Bentley Weiner, Coordinating Producer on the Flyers production side. Bent Weiner…really. Anyway, great show. Bryz is hysterica. I could listed to that guy all day long.

  6. HAH! YO! Iron Schlong McShyteheel… Looks like at long-last I’ve finally found me impostering poster that’s been pestering us all for a bit with yer subpar impostering.
    Why don’t you do the whole world a favor and go bugger-off, ya miserable wankerer. But not before buggering that ultimutt prevert Jerri Sandusky. That’s about the best punishment I can think of for sickos like him (and you).
    Anyways, fuck all your impostering shyte, back to the topic:
    That was a smashing show. The best part was at the end when Scotty “Hed” Hartnell was in the soaker therapy tub, “squirting” his trainer buddy. Theres gotta be alot of fruittie stuff going on in that locker room that even the show probably won’t capture. Anyways, calling Cooke the dirtiest player makes Hed my new favourite player, personalitty-wise. Keep up with the “Where’s Hed” entries—they must be good mojo because the more ya do em, the more he scores hahahahah.

    The Real IBMcG—Often imposterered, never outclassed.

  7. no real surprises on 24/7…avery posing for out and proud magazine while the rest of the rangers are riding around in dark limos with small children

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