Ilya Bryzgalov’s Winter Classic Mask Features Mike Schmidt, Reggie White and Much More

Dammit, Bryz! I just can’t stay mad at you.

Franny Drummond of Drummond Custom Airbrush, the paint shop that does most of the Flyers’ goalie masks, showed off his working design of Ilya Bryzgalov’s Winter Classic mask to

Bryz told Drummond to feature “Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, Phillies,” and to “go with” whatever he came up with. Which was a spectacular design.

The mask features Mike Schmidt, Reggie White, Julius Erving, Veterans Stadium, an “HK” patch, the Phanatic (who needed to be explained to Bryz), and will soon be finished up with Bobby Clarke, Joe Frazier and Gene Hart’s “Good Night and Good Hockey” tagline.


Here’s another pic:


The video, courtesy of the Flyers, is after the jump. We’ll have some exclusive pictures of the finished product on Friday.

Drummond is also painting an old school mask for Bernie Parent, who will both a new version and his original at the Alumni Game. That video is after the jump, as well.



27 Responses

  1. HAHA! Kill Phanatic and you are like… dead.
    Nice mask. Looks fantastic… now start stopping the puck more often.

  2. I would have liked to see the solar system on his mask with Bryz in a space suit floating around, but I guess this will do.

  3. This mask is way off for the Winter Classic, most of them involve winter themed scenes…Where’s the ice and snow? It’s and outside game is more important than it being in Philly…Obv Bryz let the artist do his thing…But it is WINTER Classic..Lundquist mask is more appropriate than this one is.

  4. How can you hate on this mask? It’s everything cool about Philly sports. Why would it need to have a winter theme?

  5. What do you people want – snowflakes and a frozen thermometer on his helemt? WTF. You woulda ripped this mask no matter what it looked like. It’s amazing that we finally got a decent goalie and everyone hates him… including his mask. Te Flyers are destroyed with injuries and they are 1 point out of 1st in the East. Give it a rest.
    And Lundqvists mask is fuckin corny. Look it up.

  6. Maybe Bryz should start focusing on stopping pucks instead of playing with mask designs. He’s been a big disappointment so far. He’s a punk.

  7. So many faggot fucking rape babies from the suburbs on this site. You fucking faggots probably dont even know history from the city. This mask is better than that New York faggot. Stay in the suburbs faggots an leave the sports to real men in the city

  8. The mask isn’t even finished, I heard that there is going to be a winter themed hinted in the mask (but who am I). Anyways, it looks great and it definitely is a mask that hasn’t been done before nor has anyone come close. Best Winter classic mask so far.

  9. I would rather my hockey goalie’s mask reference hockey history rather than other sports, personally. I mean, if you want Philadelphia city history on the mask there is a lot more than just sports history that has happened in this town. It just doesn’t make any sense for a hockey goalie’s mask to reference these topics in my opinion. I have no problem with Bryz, just don’t like his mask, especially not for the Winter Classic. And on top of it, my main problem is that it looks like shit.
    Oh, and @James Niggly, I am a downtown Philly hater, no burbs here.

  10. This mask is a fucking joke. Dude has been here for less than 6 mos. and here he is trying to pay homage to philly sports like he is a part of their legend or some shit. “bryz” fucking sucks as a goalie and is stealing money from the flyers. they will be the same old team come playoff time with him in goal.
    PS-Reggie White is more known for his time with the Packers (where he won a ring) than his time with the Eagles lol.

  11. @Bogans … yeah, having other sports on his mask makes just as much sense as playing hockey in a baseball stadium. Who cares man?

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