In Defense of DeSean

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Adam Reigner is a producer at WIP. This is his weekly pre-game Eagles rant.


If the Phillies had won more than one World Series since ’08, upstaging the Eagles yet again, Andy Reid would probably be gone after this year. Unfortunately for us, they haven’t, and he will be back next year because of it. 

Since 2008, the Eagles have changed everything: their quarterback, their philosophy on free agency, their defensive coordinator (twice), and their entire offensive line. The list goes on, but this isn’t the team that captured your imagination during the 2000’s.

Watching the Eagles get embarrassed by the Patriots on Sunday was actually enjoyable for me. I have been (and will continue) rooting against this business [editor’s note: me too]. How can I support a team when they give the best running back in the NFL 10 carries?  Meanwhile, Tim Tebow is running the ball 22 times.

But enough about that– I’m going to try to defend DeSean Jackson, the guy the Eagles are (and have been) forcing out.

I do not blame him, at all, for not wanting to get into a car crash (figurative) for 600K. For who or what? This isn’t the first time that this front office has played hard ball with a star player and lost. If they had taken care of DeSean at the start of the year, like they said they were going to, then none of this would have happened.

He is always going to shy away from contact. Standing at six feet nothing and weighing 160 pounds, I can’t blame him– at. all. I blame the coach. If you watch the play where DeSean alligator armed the touchdown pass, the team was in trips left (that’s three guys to the left), with Avant and Celek lined up next to DeSean. Their two big receivers both sprinted out to the sideline, and their 160 pound, afraid of contact wide receiver ran a crossing route. What world do we live in where that makes sense? 

Jeremy Maclin has cost this team more wins this season then DeSean  has, and yet he has gotten none of the heat. Why do we always want to run great players out of this city? I couldn’t give a damn about what a player does off the field. If you allow them to be your role model, then your priorities are out of order. You don’t know these players as well as you might think– not DeSean, not anybody. Most of them are less than what you’d want.

We have been told time and again that DeSean wants to be paid like a top-five receiver. But ask yourself where that information is coming from. Is it from the same people who told you Kevin Kolb was an NFL quarterback? Is it from the same people who told you McNabb didn’t vomit in the Super Bowl? Honestly, I could go on, but for the sake of time, let’s just say the Eagles lie to you whenever they want. Sadly, there are still plenty of people out there who believe the crap that comes out of their mouths (Sunday’s sideline incident comes to mind).

Are we supposed to just take their word that DeSean is asking for Larry Fitzgerald money? Sure, he is probably asking for more than he is worth, who wouldn’t? This isn’t the first time someone has overvalued something in a negotiation, and it won’t be the last time this organization lowballs a star player (you’re next, Shady).

Let’s be honest, it is in the Eagles’ best interest to bad mouth DeSean and make him look as bad as possible to the public. It behooves them to sell to their decreasing fan base that he is a bad guy. It just makes it easier to accept not having him next year. 

Any person who is screaming that they shouldn’t resign DeSean doesn’t know a damn thing about football. You’re not trying to build a team of model citizens, you are trying to put together the most talented bunch of players you can. Nobody in their right mind could tell you that DeSean isn’t a talented receiver, and I don’t give a damn what he does before and after that 60 minutes of football. 

The reason DeSean fell to the Eagles in the second round was because of the exact reasons you’re seeing play out in front of you. When this team drafted him they knew what they were getting: a player with unparalleled speed… and an attitude.

When this front office gave Asante Samuel $60 million, they knew they were getting: a player who shied away from contact. When they gave Nnamdi Asomugha the same amount, they knew he didn’t want to stick his nose in on a tackle. What makes signing those players any different than DeSean? 

Why is it OK for Asante to not even attempt to make a tackle, but not OK for DeSean to avoid contact while going over the middle?

If Andy Reid is shaking DeSean’s hand, Joe Banner is stabbing him in the back.

Banner has the type of job security that even a politician would be envious of. He is so comfortable in his position that he is willing to make an example out of anyone he wants. And he gets what he wants, too (how’s that $100 million investment working out at quarterback, Joe?).

You suck, Joe. Your quarterback sucks. Your coach sucks. Your team sucks. Your entire product sucks. 

Give us back our football team, please.


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  1. DeSean is a big reason that the team sucks…his attitude is certainly not helping matters, and if he’s worried about his health he should get an insurance policy to cover potential losses from injury.
    Of course, if he’s broke, then he’s an even bigger idiot than he appears to be when he opens his mouth.

  2. all this is good, but I know Asante’s soft and call him a bitch constantly over the course of a game.. this team was based on al davis’ motto of speed wins.. we’re not in college, stop calling everything out of the gun and running fast athletes on the field and put some people in who are willing to hit (on both sides of the ball). I feel the fan base wants desean gone because the man shows absolutely NO effort. for example last week on an underthrown ball instead of going up and attempting to knock it down or even getting called for an offensive pass interference call he instead flops, the ball gets picked off, and he just gives up on the play laying there expecting a call!

  3. Sorry, but some other team can have DeSean. He is not going to develop Randy Moss’ skills or grow 7 inches taller once he gets paid, his ego is just going to get bigger. Perfect fit for a Jerry Jones team.

  4. dude mike vick sucks yaya. he holds on to the ball for far too long. no wonder he gets hit every play. its not the o-line, its vick. he stays in the pocket holding the ball when he should scramble. he scrambles when he should stay in the pocket. he runs when he should throw. he throws when he should run. he has no pocket presence. the guys looks at his primary target the entire play instead of hitting open recievers that are his second or third targets. he complains to refs about getting hit so much. well when you hold the ball for 4-7 seconds every play youre gonna get hit. did you notice that during the patriots game brady as drops back is constantly scanning the field and by the time hes done dropping hes knows where hes throwing. so hes snap..drop..pass. he gets the ball out in under 3 seconds. thats the difference between talent and skill. vicks talented no doubt. but he has no skill at all.

  5. 1yard is a joke. This article is a joke. Nobody making $600k is ‘overpaid’, in any fashion or sense of the word. You can blame Joe, or Andy, or whoever you want, but the blame of his game-day performances this year is solely 1yard’s fault. Or his shitty agent’s fault…
    And how fast do you think the other teams are going to throw money at him this offseason when they’ve seen him give up on his current team when he felt ‘underpaid’? He wanted the big contract, and then he goes out and shits the bed every week.

  6. plenty of other players on rookie contracts that do their job.
    he’s bitching about money cause he overspent his income and is borrowing a fucking credit card from drew rosenhaus to pay his bills.
    He’s playing like a rookie this year, so that’s his worth. Grow up DeSean.
    He’s a one dimensional receiver.

  7. Yeah, yeah, Reigneger, nobody is correct in this scenario. Please tell me that the main reason that you back Jackson is that you’d like to add one more log to the funeral pyre that is this current administration..I know I do. The difference is that I also think Jacko is a fucko. Born talent should not require that we, as fans, bow down with minimum dignity to the mighty force that is DJack. He is a lil’ punk type. If he got his head right, and by that I mean attitude, he’d have a lot more people in his corner. This TI type thug livin’ bullshit is too much for a fanbase that has seen the Bergeys and the Bednariks and the Joyners and Montgomerys and the Carmichaels and the Dawkins’ and the…well, I think you get the point.

  8. Fraud fan. You can’t enjoy watching the Patriots beat the Eagles. You’re not welcome back when they start winning again. The 10 carries thing is so dumb. They throw a lot when they’re losing. It doesn’t have to be 50/50 the whole game straight through. Had they been winning, I’m sure you Didi-ites would’ve gotten your 25-30 carries that you can’t love without. They went down quick and wanted to start by attacking the worst secondary in the league. Just shut up and blame the defense.

  9. I rarely get involved or post comments because the majority of the people that do are trolls and have no concept of what happens in the real world. This is another case in point.
    You have a guy bringing up Bergey, Bednarik, etc. Another guy saying he isn’t overpaid at $600K probably because he makes $30K. And yet another guy stating that DeSean stinks because he didn’t make a play on an under thrown ball.
    I am sure every person that commented above have very short memories and were the same people badmouthing Richards’ play last year playing hurt and forgetting what he did the previous 5.
    It is a different league. The old people need to realize that the NFL is not the same league they watched in the 60’s. Get over it. It isn’t the same league as the 90’s. Get over it. You see a guy act and you disregard everything he does. You see him short arm a pass and get a penalty for flipping an opposing coach the ball and all of a sudden he is a terrible player who isn’t worth a damn. The OP has it correct. You didn’t draft #10 to go across the middle. You got him to return punts and go deep. That is it. Deep posts. Deep flags. Deep crossing routes. Out routes. Nothing more. Nothing less.
    Think about it. He is 6′ 160 lbs. You know what that body is suited for? Distance running, not the NFL. You know what IS made for the NFL? 6’4 245 lbs and running a 4.3 40. Freaks of nature. #10 is a freak of nature in that he is able to survive a sport he has NO BUSINESS PLAYING IN. You people need to get a clue.
    On to him giving up on plays. I remember not even 3 games ago when Young threw an interception on the goal line and #10 ran the guy down and caught him at the 50. Yea he gives up on plays. I remember last year in the playoffs AND against the Giants Riley Cooper doing the EXACT SAME THING not playing defense while a ball is thrown his way. Apparently I am the only person that seen those plays. Do you ever think that he is not being utilized right because Vince Dream Team Young doesn’t have the arm to compliment #10’s speed?
    You people are Idiots. This team would be 100% better with #10, #18 and #81 as their regular receivers instead of #14/#11, #18 and #81. There is no speed there to open the field which means #25 won’t hit 1000 yards next year.
    You will probably get your wish. #10 will be gone and this team will blow even more. Then you’re going to find something new to bitch and moan about. Look deeper than skin color (and yes I’m white).

  10. Yes this guys massive ego is killing the team. He does not do sit ups in his front lawn, bad mouth the team publically the team about being the 85th highest paid WR in the NFL ( underpaid! ). He doesn’t throw other players under the bus. He hasn’t split the locker room. Despite being a first round talent that slid due to rumors he didn’t hold up the Eagles and accepted a 2nd rounders contract.
    I don’t know what you all see about his “ego”. Sure the guy has a little self love in him. Sure he showboats. But remember, at that position you want a guy like that. A guy with swagger, a guy with confidence.
    Its been so long since we had Owen’s. Maybe we are all forgetting what a true nightmare a player can be.

  11. First off, I don’t care if you’re an athlete, 600,000 dollars is NOT underpaid. At all. I’m not saying they don’t deserve to get their big payday, they should. But until they get that big check, there is no reason to bitch and moan about being “underpaid” or to not give it your all because you’re “only” making over half a million dollars. He’s still a member of this team and the last I checked, you had to work for rewards–in any profession! Other rookies/young guys still work their asses off, why can’t desean? And I’m sorry, athlete or not, if you can’t put your ego and bad spending habits aside and if you seriously can’t survive or go broke on 600,000 bucks, then you’re a fucking idiot.
    As for getting put in a position to get obliterated, that’s coaching/bad quarterbacking. I get that. But I have 2 problems with this argument about him getting hit.
    1) He’s barely been the big play threat he was the past few years this season. If you wanna give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to danger, that’s fine, but that’s only part of it. When’s the last time you remember him blowing away corners and safeties this year to haul in a 60 yard TD bomb? When’s the last time he made one of those big plays he’s known for, other than the Giant game? He’s not just dodging hits, he’s not putting in his effort for the other aspects of his game, and thats not ok.
    2) wide receivers probably get hit the least on the field (minus QB), at least on offense. RBs get hit everytime they have the ball and linemen/tight ends obviously take a lot of heat. All this talk about danger is moot: We gave mike Vick a huge contract, and im sure we can expect shady to get one. Their careers can end in on hit too, so I don’t wanna hear this danger argument: He signed a contract, live up to it.
    And lastly, your argument about what he does/doesn’t do off the field is bogus. Regardless if it was managements fault or not, you’ve seen how TOs off field antics have affected this and other teams. I mostly agree that were paying for the product, not the person, but off field issues still rear their ugly head. And with DeSean, it’s not just off the field, it’s on it too! You saw that penalty in NY. I don’t care what you say, but him hot dogging it on the 1-yard line after his punt return at Miracle of the Meadowlands 2 was so inexcusably stupid. Not showing up for team meetings, running backwards 12 yards in your own zone on a punt return; these are all things that a guy wanting a new contract DOSENT DO! I get that the front office should’ve paid the man earlier, but they didn’t. Jackson has to just sack up and fucking deal with that fact. Deal with it and earn his fuckin pay day.

  12. I should follow that comment up by saying that I want the guy on this team. This article just seemed so stupid, that’s what I was mainly ranting about. Cause, ya know, the Phillies obviously have everything to do with Reid not being fired.

  13. BringBackRichards clearly didn’t watch the Patriots game, because the Eagles jumped out 10-0.

  14. I hate the “he signed a contract” argument especially for rookies outside of the first round. Whether your a professional athlete, teacher or whatever profession you are in when you agree to any job its a contract to do your job for the agreed upon pay. If you grossly out do your job you ask for a raise.
    Desean Jackson may not be a top 10 WR, but right now he is the 85th highest paid, the 4th highest paid WR on the Eagles and his request for a raise has been ignored or denied and it seems he has decided to stop grossly outdoing his job until he gets paid. After 2 concussions I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same.

  15. “I don’t care what you say, but him hot dogging it on the 1-yard line after his punt return at Miracle of the Meadowlands 2 was so inexcusably stupid.”
    I absolutely agree. But you are missing the point we won BECAUSE of DeSean. Would you take the last 3 years of DeSean back for a few moments of stupidity. ABSOLUTELY not. Would I love a WR like Larry Fitzgerald who scores a TD and runs off the field after tossing the ball to the ref. Sure, but that ain’t DeSean. And without DeSean the Eagles are a worse team.

  16. I’m not saying get rid of him, but there’s no defending his 2011 season. I want him on this team. And yeah, he won that giants game last year, but has he won a game for us this year? I’m fine with taking the good with the bad, but not if the bad outweighs the good as it has this year. This year was super bowl or bust, and eventhough he’s not the most responsible for this crappy season, he’s still part of that let down. We can argue the extent of his crap play this season, but there’s no denying that he’s been crap on and off the field this season, and for this article to give him a pass is bullshit.

  17. SWP, your attitude makes you a huge part of the problem. How old are you? Dawkins was also brought up by me. Divisiveness is never en vogue. Ya pickin up on that, playa? Nothing that you put forth excuses DJack for his petulance. The real problem is that too many people like yourself don’t get it. So, what do all these dildos end up contributing too?… Why, enabling these fuggin shit mouthed punks.

  18. I think after watching the Seattle game we can all agree that this team, including #10, is putting less than 100% effort in. Again, I’m not saying to dump DeSean, but his efforts this season, if you wish to categorize them as that, have been the epitome of the 2011 eagles: A colossal let down. Anyone making excuses for him simply because they hate the coach or this iteration of the team is living on another planet.

  19. “D Jax is a pussy”
    Posted by: [The Imposting] Iron Balls McGinty [Poster] | December 01, 2011 at 11:08 PM
    So is the imposter poster above.
    Give it up. You lack originality. Real CB readers who’ve been around awhile have seen this before. But almost everyone else whose tried being me imposting poster can do a better job than ya. Yer insulting them with your sad-sack job.
    BTW, all ya CB readers will know it’s the real me if ya check me typepad activity and see if it jyves with the comments here. Always.

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