Marlins Fans Are Getting Cocky

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As you might have expected, Marlins fans, both of them, are going to be entirely too large for their britches this season what with their new stadium, logo, and the acquisitions of Jose Reyes, Heath Bell, Mark Buehrle and almost Albert Pujols. Run-on sentences aside, the message is clear: Move over 2007 Mets fans, there’s a new type of fan to annoy, and this one resides in the sunshine state.

With that sort of rapid ascension into the big-time (the Nationals came oh-so-close last year, but that whole Jayson Werth thing didn’t work out so well), comes a myriad problematic things… like this weirdo, perhaps the unfortunate renewal of Miami columnist Dan Le Batard’s Highly Questionable on ESPN, and songs. Lots of songs.

First up in what is sure to be a long line of salsa dancing, Mojito nights and Le Batard’s nightly head-scratcher, is this Marlins anthem, Miami (Here We Go), as performed by the inappropriately-named YouTube sensation (?) DCMusicNation.

Hit it, DCMN:

[YouTube video issues, here's the audio]

Oh God, some excerpts for those of you fortunate souls who couldn’t listen to that:

New colors, new home, new teams

New attitude, new revenue stream  

[Editor’s note: that new revenue stream was actually the Marlins ripping off taxpayers to build a new stadium, but whatevs]


We got a new stadium, no more rain

You think you got it better? Tell ‘em no way

Those other dudes are cooked, where’s the propane?

We got Hanley and somebody named Jose

We got a new closer, yeah he eats well

He throws hard, he’s name’s Heath Bell

We party like it’s 97-03 man, throw your hands up if you rep your home team

Shit. Aside from the cheesy lyrics, the cadence and hooks are spot on. 

The Marlins have gone about things in a very smart way this offseason, both from a team and marketing perspective. 

They hired Ozzie Guillen and signed Jose Reyes– both will become instant favorites of the large Latino contingent in Miami. Besides that, they’ve addressed a huge need: Buehrle and Bell will turn their pitching staff into a respectable one.

There’s still the question of whether the left side of the infield (Reyes and Ramirez) can play together without killing each other (or their manager), but the – very dangerous “on paper” – returns look good.

So, yeah, the Marlins may Cha-cha-cha their way to home plate and become the Real Madrid of baseball… but they’re probably going to be pretty good, too. And something tells me this won’t be the last annoying Marlins meme we have to put up with…

Ladies and gentlmen, your 2012 rival? Cha-cha-cha!

H/T to (@Brian_Evans32)

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18 Responses

  1. to many transplants down in miami for the marlins to have any “real” fans… on another note those new uniforms and caps are pretty cool…

  2. They got a closer, a halfway decent starter and a shortstop who’s hurt every season for at least 40 games.

  3. Hey I just read the link to the Marlins’ shady stadium deal. Is the Norman Braman that tried to block the deal the same wonderful former owner of the Eagles?

  4. Put immigration officers at the stadium entrance, and there goes the nightly sell outs. They’ll be back to playing in front of 8,000 people again. And broke…

  5. hahaha “marlins fans, both of them” how sad, but true. Miami cant even sell out heat games with the biggest star in the NBA, and thats only 41 games and about 20,000 seats. the marlins have twice as many games and twice as many seats. good luck with that

  6. My girlfriend is from Miami, her brother and father are legit sports fans and we have really great baseball/football/basketball conversations whenever I’m down there – no joke, they really do know sports and appreciate their teams – but even they admit that most of their town is full of $hit when it comes to rooting for Miami teams. They agree that most Miami fans are front-runners, but even those Miami fans readily admit it. Making fun of someone for being full of crap isn’t half as much fun when they know it and don’t really care…
    Her mom, on the other hand, is a Yankees fan – she sees no sympathy from any of us.

  7. As if teams haven’t struggled selling out games before? Not a big deal, the Miami Marlins are doing a great job rebuilding their team, so if people feel the need to bash people who are supporting a team they care about, personally I find them pretty pathetic. Keep it up DC props

  8. Bunch of F**KING jealous Bitches! YES The Marlins screwed the tax payers JUST LIKE EVERY OTHE PROFESSIONAL TEAM (with a FEW Eexceptions)…
    So what all you sorry ass Bitches just wish your fucking team was as good as the Marlins are going to be!
    And as for the song and video goes…. THAT THIS IS FRICKING GREAT!!!! Its VERY Fun and VERY CREATIVE!!!

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