Joe Paterno Said He was Told Sandusky was “Fondling” a Young Boy

Here you go, Joe Paterno apologists, the words from the man himself about what he knew happened in the showers. 

Paterno’s testimony to the grand jury was read aloud in court today: [via Nate Bauer of]

"He (McQueary) had seen a mature person who was fondling, whatever you might call it, I’m not sure what the term would be, a young boy." 

"I ordinarily would have called people right away, but it was Saturday morning and I didn’t want to interfere with people’s weekend." 


No rush here, Joe. Just a boy being touched in the shower. It can wait until Monday.

Tim Curley testified that McQueary told him he had seen an “uncomfortable activity” in the showers. McQueary, of course, says otherwise. Fun times.

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38 Responses

  1. Unbelievable, yet so believable. Is anyone in a position of power righteous or lead with any sort of integrity anymore?

  2. @Joe
    Have they ever? It’s just not hidden anymore.
    These kinds of stories are just beginning, unfortunately.

  3. He called Curley on Sunday, so he did not wait until Monday. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good story, you can just make them up as you go.

  4. LOL WE ARE …..
    seriously I cant stop laughing at the joe pa apologists
    Love sincerly,
    Beez Nutz

  5. Ben, when he talked to Schultz. Mike McQueary’s testimony today in regards to talking with Schultz:
    “I thought I was talking to the head of the police, to be frank with you. … In my mind it was speaking to a DA. Someone the police reported to and would know what to do with it.”
    So you can just forget about the whole the police were never contacted argument.

  6. Langmuir… so you are saying the best case scenario is he waited a day to call the police.
    Except he didn’t call the police
    Schultz is not the police. Paterno is not an idiot. He’s not a senile old man who mistakes a VP of Finance for the police.
    The length that people go to protect enablers of child rape because they won a few Fiesta Bowls is staggering
    F— Joe Paterno. He’s an evil man

  7. Shultz is the police. That was established today. There were no details told to paterno. Dont’ read the testimony or anything, just continue to believe whatever you want.

  8. ANOTHER PSU/Paterno-hating story…shocking!! The guy does exactly what was required of him and you twist it. Good work!
    PSU must have rejected you out of high school? Only explanation.
    Clearly, you weren’t good enough for their Journalism Major.

  9. JD:
    It’s not “fuck” yourselves, it’s “fondling, whatever you might call it, I’m not sure what the term would be” yourselves.
    Bryan: Paterno himself said he should have done more, so why do you keep defending him?

  10. Ok, what is the man guilty of? He’s guilty of trusting the people he was supposed to report this to? His fault they didn’t report it properly?

  11. Hey Bryan…
    A kid was being fondled in the shower and Paterno never called the police.
    And you have no problem with that?
    Remind me not to hire YOU as a babysitter

  12. This is NOT a PSU/Paterno hating story
    It is a story that takes the unusual stance that child molestation is wrong and that you should call the police when a child is molested.
    I know that is a radical position for Penn State alumni and Roman Catholics to understand.
    The rest of us think it is pretty cut and dry

  13. penn state police are not police. they are campus security. and rules regarding what to do in a situation like this are there as a place holder. just to say “yeah we have a contingency in place”. any self respecting man would have found found that animal himself and hung him.

  14. D: I’m Roman Catholic, and am keenly aware that child molesters need to be reported to the police – not Paul Blart, Mall Cop – being a child sex abuse survivor myself.
    It’s as ridiculous to make a statement impugning all Roman Catholics in light of the priest scandal as it is to claim that every student and faculty member at PSU were aware of Sandusky’s showertime romps at the athletic facility. The collateral damage to those uninvolved in the perpetration of these crimes and the cover-up will be incalculable. (applies both to the Catholic and PSU scandal).
    What happened in both instances was a classic case of an institution protecting itself at the expense of the vulnerable. Child molester cover-ups took place at Boy Scouts of America, at the Boston hospital where Dr. Mel Levine practiced, in Lewes DE where despite numerous complaints filed against him, Dr. Earl Bradley continued on a sex abuse spree against his pediatric patients. At least one hundred victims have been identified.

  15. Gabe you’re an idiot. Penn State Police ARE the police. They have the same powers as municipal police. I know that’s hard to believe for JoePa Haters but it’s true. McQueary said in his testimony there’ no reason to think he wasn’t sitting and talking with the police because Shultz was in the room.

  16. psu123:
    OK, then a man of integrity and good character in a position of authority would have followed up with law enforcement authorities not associated with the college to insure that a proper investigation was done, at the very least to prevent Sandusky from abusing more children.
    Paterno knows he failed in that respect, therefore his statement that he should have done more.

  17. oh word psu123? as it so happens, penn state police are hired by the university and therefore are university employees. they are answerable to the college officials first and the state second. are they sworn to uphold the law? sure. but how the fuck does that translate into “the same as telling a state police officer”?
    and mcqueary is a fucking idiot if he thought that the campus police were the same as the real police. anyone with a brain can figure out that you call your local police department (i.e. 911) not fucking campus security when some shit like that goes down.

  18. Given the cultish nature of psu, I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought they were the same as the real police, psu123 apparently thinks they are too.

  19. Hey Gabe and that guy…
    The PSU campus police is a RECOGNIZED MUNICIPAL POLICE FORCE. NO other police force has jurisdiction on campus. NONE. This isn’t like Temple or Kutztown security… Penn State’s campus is too big. The campus has its own zip code… and its own police force.
    If you call 911, you get the Penn State Police, not the staties.
    Check your facts before you spew bullshit.

  20. I guess facts don’t make sense?
    Not surprised. Many people in today’s world seem to dislike having to deal in fact. I know it’s tough.

  21. look. the university signs their paychecks, not the tax payer. they are answerable to the university, and belong to the university judicial system. they are set up to handle assaults, drug and alcohol infractions, NOT this. so the powers they have are very similar to state or local police forces, that doesnt mean they are the same thing.

  22. All the people on here criticizing Paterno are unbelievably stupid. If you read anything from the testimony then you would have seen where Mike McQueary stated that he did not go into graphic details with Paterno, out of respect for him. So Paterno knew that something inappropriate happened and he reported it to the proper people, the next day which happened to be a Sunday idiots. Joe Paterno is not a vigilante, once he passed the information on that was all he could do.
    Oh also, the campus police at Penn State are a real police department you stupid dicks. Maybe you should learn to read and not jump to conclusions.

  23. “Mike McQueary stated that he did not go into graphic details with Paterno, out of respect for him.”
    McQ didn’t go into graphic detail, out of respect for the old geezer.
    The old geezer didn’t notify campus police because he didn’t want to ruin their weekend.
    All this concern for geezers and campus apparatchik, and none for the victim.
    This is another classic example of adults in a position of responsibility who failed to protect children. Shameful in every respect.

  24. If it’s true that PSU police are the same as municipal or state police force, why was Paterno concerned about interfering with anyone’s weekend?
    If a crime happens on a Saturday, we all know to call the police immediately, we don’t worry about “interfering with people’s weekend”. The police are there to do their job 24-7.

  25. @j.t. – Temple’s force of sworn-in officers is actually larger than Penn State’s. They are not security officers like Kutztown.

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