Mike McQueary Describes What He Saw in Showers

Yesterday, the newest member of Jerry Sandusky’s team of misfits said that the shower incident witnessed by Mike McQueary and later reported to Joe Paterno was not sex… it was Sandusky showing a boy how to apply soap.

Today, McQueary got to tell his side of the story at the hearing for Tim Curley and Gary Schultz. 

CNN’s Susan Candiotti describes the scene: [transcription from the video, other quotes from Candiotti’s relay of McQueary’s testimony]

“When he looked directly into the shower, he saw, he says, Jerry Sandusky and a boy. McQueary describes that the boy’s hands were up against the shower wall, shoulder height. McQueary testified that he saw Jerry Sandusky with his hands wrapped around the boy’s waist, and that he had heard slapping noises going on in the shower, as well.

McQueary testified that he believed that this was sexual intercourse going on, though he couldn’t say directly that he saw everything he needed to see to say that, but he had no doubt in his mind that that’s what was happening.

He said that he walked toward the shower. The two people in the shower turned around, he says, and that they looked each other directly in the eye. McQueary then left the locker room, said that he was shook up and shocked. First thing he did was to call his father. Didn’t call police, called his father, because he respected him and needed his advice on what to do.” 


McQueary called Paterno early the following morning. Paterno told him: “If you’re calling me about a job, now is not the time.”

McQueary said he told Paterno that he saw something “extremely sexual in nature going on in the shower between Sandusky and the boy.” He didn’t use the word “sodomy or intercourse, out of respect for him." Paterno said he was concerned and would take care of it. Nine days later, McQueary heard from Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, both of whom are now being charged with failure to report child abuse. 

StateCollege.com spoke with Sandusky's newest lawyer, Karl Rominger, outside the courthouse today. It's pretty clear that Rominger and his gaggle of idiots are going to try to turn McQueary into Mark Fuhrman (racist cop in the O.J. case) and call his credibility into question.

Their defense in a nutshell: Because we deem Mike McQueary to not be credible, and the grand jury felt he was highly credible, that means the rest of their findings must be called into question… because their judgement is not good. So there's no case here. Free Sandusky!

Good luck with that, Hoss.

You can see Rominger's comments after the jump.

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13 Responses

  1. Sandusky needs to be hung from his balls and beaten about the torso for days on end with baseball bats and tire irons…keeping him just alive enough to suffer

  2. The only right thing for these scum bag lawyers to do is keep digging Sandusky into a deeper hole. As they have so far done.

  3. “Yeah, I couldn’t get in to see the main witness speak today because apparently you had to fill out some paperwork to be in there or something. Yes, I’m a real lawyer. Why do you ask?”

  4. So I guess it’s pretty safe to assume Mike McQueary got his job because he did NOT go to the police.

  5. “So I guess it’s pretty safe to assume Mike McQueary got his job because he did NOT go to the police.”
    If by “safe” you mean “idiotic”, then yes. McQueary wasn’t hired as a coach until 2004.

  6. If McQueary was a real man Sandusky would have died from blunt force trauma to the head that day.

  7. Has anyone seen the article where a Dr Drahov supposedly gave testimony that he was at McQueary’s dads house the day that McQueary talked to his dad and that this Dr said that what McQueary the son is testifying to having said is completely different than what he heard???

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