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If you’re keeping score at home (I am), the Flyers are 4-0 since HBO cameras have begun following the team full-time. Which means we’re more likely to see the sort of favorable editing the Penguins saw last year as opposed to Bruce Boudreau’s fuckfest. Good times. Friendly reminder: 24/7 airs tonight at 10 p.m. on HBO.

The Flyers won last night, 5-1, beating the Capitals in regulation for the first time in two years. And they did it sans Pronger and Roo, too. #drseuss

You might be asking yourself how? Or why? Two reasons, submitted for your approval:

Ilya Bryzgalov 

After the game, Bryz, who was congratulated by Ed Snider (more on the chairman in a second), spoke with Coatsey and had this to say about why he played so well: “I slept very well last night– about nine and a half hours.” 

Also, ate his veggies and finished his homework before the game. In Soviet Russia, life so simple.

Reason number two: Scott Hartnell, who ripped the twine saucered one between the legs of Tomas Vokoun for his 200th career goal. Check out these statisticals on Hartnell via the Flyers city-leading PR department: 

Scott Hartnell extended his career-high streak of consecutive games with a goal to six when he scored his 200th NHL goal in the first period.  It’s the longest goal-scoring streak for a Flyer since Jeff Carter scored in six consecutive games from Feb. 8 to March 3, 2010, which surrounded the Olympic break.  Hartnell has a chance to tie his career-high for overall consecutive games with a point (seven) on Thursday in Montreal.    

Hartnell’s streak ties Patric Hornqvist of Nashville as the longest goal-scoring streak in the NHL this season.  


Jeez, not only is he now our most stalkable Flyer (I say that lovingly), but he’s also replacing Carter in the scoring department…

Snider, who was in the locker room after the game congratulating the team, apparently got in a little workout. The brief details courtesy of Greg Wyshinski, Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy: 

I just watched Ed Snider do 5 pushups with the Flyers.

— Greg Wyshynski (@wyshynski) December 14, 2011


And now, your hourly Claude Giroux update. Paul Holmgren spoke with reporters after the game, this is what the GM had to say: 

Claude over the last few days claimed his symptoms have gradually gotten worse, I guess. He skated a little bit today, but didn’t feel that good, didn’t feel like himself. I don’t know if there is any good news in this other than after 15 minutes or so, once he stopped skating, he did start to feel a little better. We’ll take it a little easy with Claude, give him some time off tomorrow and revisit with him on Thursday.



Must-read article from the Wall Street Journal about the Flyers-Lightning game last month, which is being billed as the worst hockey game ever played.

Marc-Andre Bourdon scored his first NHL goal last night. Philly Sports Daily has a picture and story.

Tickets for the High School Hockey Classic featuring Malvern and La Salle are still available for $10. Get them here

After the jump are your full game highlights and video of an official leveling Kimmo Timonen.

Have a few things going on today, so it might be a slow morning on CB…


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  1. That article was quite the exaggeration. It was a strange game, but I don’t know about “worst ever”.

  2. Best highlight of the night was Coburn hitting/stopping Ovi at the blue line to set up Talbot’s goal. You get some Cobi.

  3. The article in the Journal wasn’t readable because it wasn’t honest. If something is too boring to ponder, then why write a thousand words on it six weeks after it happened.

  4. I didn’t like that WSJ article, either. During the game, the Versus announcers kept speaking in vague, pronoun-laden terms about not liking what was going on, but wouldn’t say specifically to whom their dislike was directed. THEN, during the intermission report, the studio guys come out and CLEARLY say that the venom is directed at TAMPA, for not attacking defensively, and NOT the Flyers. They went on to mention that other current players (who didn’t have games that night) texted one of the guys and said the same thing – the blame’s on Tampa. Conveniently, this wasn’t mentioned in the article. God forbid something pro-Flyers gets printed in the national media.

  5. Its the Wall Street Journal- not the NYT
    Must-read article from the New York Times about the Flyers-Lightning game last month, which is being billed as the worst hockey game ever played.

  6. “The seeds of this remarkable game were planted by Tampa Bay coach Guy Boucher, who has molded the Lightning into a formidable force on the strength of a confounding bit of hockey strategy: something called the 1-3-1 neutral-zone trap.”
    The Lightning are the fifth worst team in the league while allowing the the third most goals. Independent fact-checker???

  7. What I say, Chicken Little Boyo?!
    MAXIMUM EFFORT pays off!
    You need to go out and rent a movie classic called “Twelve O’Clock High” starring the late, great Gregory Peck. It’s probably his best role except for as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, but really the film is better because of the story, not the characters or acting. I’m not going to say anything else about it—you need to see it—but then you’ll know what Maximum Effort means. Alls else I’m going to say Laddie before calling it a night is that you’re acting like Colonel Keith Davenport and I’m going to have to get all Brigadier General Frank Savage on your arse.

    The Real IBMcG—Often imposterered, never outclassed.

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