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We are… knocked out?

In more unfortunate – yet unrelated – news for Penn State, quarterback Matt McGloin was knocked out by wide receiver Curtis Drake during a fight after practice today. 

Nate Bauer of was once again all over the story. Here's his report:

This was two players who had been jawing at practice. Not related to anything else. From source, 'It happens, but not like this.' To recap from source: Drake/McGloin jawing in practice, Drake initiates making amends in locker room, McGloin takes exception……McGloin punch/shove (unclear), Drake takes him to floor, pop to the chin, McGloin 'lights out.'


That report was also confirmed by Ben Jones of Students from the Daily Collegian, Penn State’s student newspaper, are tweeting that a police report was filed, too.

The Patriot News reports a slightly different story. They acknowledge the incident, but say McGloin was hospitalized for a “possible seizure." 

University police are investigating the incident and expect to release a report later tonight.

The incident is a disagreement between two football players, nothing more, but Penn State doesn’t need any more image problems right now. Having the quarterback of its football team get knocked out by a teammate is certainly not going to help anything.