UPDATE: Bill Conlin Resigns Over Forthcoming Child Molestation Accusations

Just when you thought 2011 couldn’t get any weirder, Deadspin is reporting that Bill Conlin is about to be outed as a child molester.

A.J. Daulero, the editor-in-chief at Gawker Media and a former Philly Mag writer, writes that an upcoming Inquirer article is about to reveal allegations of Bill Conlin being a child molester: [Deadspin

The Philadelphia Inquirer's top investigative reporter, Nancy Phillips, has written a story containing what we're told are allegations of child molestation against sportswriter Bill Conlin, a longtime columnist at the rival Daily News. Conlin resigned just moments ago, according to a source at the Daily News.



That’s it, really. The Inquirer and Daily News are both operated by Philadelphia Media Network. We will await that story.

UPDATE: NBC Philadelphia is told that Conlin technically "retired" today, not "resigned." Though I'm not sure that makes any difference.

UPDATE 2: Conlin's lawyer, George Bochetto, issued a statement to CBS Philly:

“Mr. Conlin is obviously floored by the allegations, which supposedly happened 40 years ago.  He has engaged me to do everything possible to bring the true facts forward and to vindicate his name,” Bochetto said.


Buckle up.

[This is what Bill Conlin had to say about Jerry Sandusky]
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33 Responses

  1. GOD . .NO . . . .I got Started Reading the DAILY NEWS because of HIS Sports Articles SAY IT AINT SO BILL . .. . .!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rumor has it that JoePa knew about these allegations and did nothing about. Bill Conlin wrote a piece that included Nate Bump, and since Nate went to PSU JoePa should have known that Bill would be accused of these charges. Rod Erickson will be releasing a statement shortly apologizing for the recent findings..

  3. I’m thinking we the people should take matters into our own hands (no pun intented to me) & beat the sh*t out of these predators. wtf is going on, my god sh*t

  4. …who is next………..although this does complete the “tragedy strikes in 3’s” theory…..Sandusky, Bernie Fine, and now Conlin…..

  5. Hes been orally molesting baseball stats for years now… I guess he likes tiny wieners too.

  6. somehow Kyle will blame Paterno for this… and send all us “Paterno Apologists” to dry island with Lavy.

  7. Can’t say I’m shocked…he looks like a creeper. All pedophiles should be hung by their nuts and beaten like a pinata until they die.

  8. Well said GMC!! haha, Kyle will now post a one sided post about JoePa not doing his part, taking out a majority of quotes so what is remaining supports his story! Awesome!

  9. The Republican Party does to America on a daily basis what Conlin and Sandusky do to boys. Yet, all people want to talk about is those two pissants. We need to be talking about the criminal and racist Republicans that want to blame everything they did on the black president, simply because he is black. We need to stop wasting time on this nonsense.

  10. Could this rumor be revenge from Rual from Vineland? Getting even with the old man many years after the blueberry comment.

  11. Vinny, you are an idiot. I had control of this country for 2 years with massive majorities and accomplished nothing except 9% unemployment and 80 rounds of golf. Remember election day is the first Wednesday in November.

  12. What a douche. He looks like a mo.
    Colin vs. Fine vs. Sandusky…hell in a cell
    3 pedofiles enter, one leaves…and serves 3 consecutive life terms. Justice. Fuck yeah.

  13. The lawyer statement is bullshit. Trying to discredit allegations because they are 40 years old. You do the crime, do the time. I don’t blame him for trying to clear his name; and to make a statement to that effect. But generally, they don’t bring charges unless someone comes forward and makes a claim. And I don’t think anyone is making these types of claims for spite, except for “hahaha’ who still seems bitter about Conlin reporting him to AOL.
    Seriously, I hope more adults victimized as children come forward. More reporting and public outing of these sick fucks would prevent this from happening.

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