Ruben Amaro Let’s It Hang Low, Hires Ed Wade

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Today is a fine day, says Rube

Ruben Amaro has had quite the dick-swinging 24-hour period.

Yesterday, he showed up to Jimmy Rollins’ press conference in his Wedding Crashers suit and then proceeded to toast the newly re-signed Phillie like a proud father at his son’s graduation from law school. 

Arm around Jimmy? Check.

Joe Biden-esque public display of euphoria? Of course!

We’re doing this in the middle of the Phillies front office Christmas party and I’m down a few, my hair is slightly askew, beard is developing its own personality traits and I won this dick measuring contest by guaranteeing our aging shortstop only three years? In order: Yep. Probably. You know it. He sure is. And you’re damnnnn right.

That was Ruben Amaro’s Wednesday… oh, and today he officially hired his former mentor, Ed Wade, to be a “Special Consultant to the Baseball Operations Department." "" "" "" Quotes!

image from mobilwi.typepad.comvia reader Matt

That’s right, boys and girls, Ed Wade is back. The Phillies just announced that Wade will once again be on the payroll, presumably not to actually do anything (because he’s 0-2 as a GM), but as a thank you for Brad Lidge, Roy Oswalt, Hunter Pence and Eric Bruntlett’s beard.


In his new role with the Phillies, Wade will assist in salary arbitration consultation, while also scouting at both the Major and minor league levels. 


Translation: You’ll be working from Storage B. And no, you can’t have the Swingline stapler.

Now seems like a good time to re-live Wade’s greatest hits. Back in the summer, we detailed his dealings with the Phillies. And, of course, you get forget Philly Phaithful’s lovely Dopius Maximus t-shirt:

image from

Welcome back, Ed. And Happy Holidays, Rube– go easy on the egg nog.

Also, that shirt (and others) would probably make a great holiday gift

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10 Responses

  1. UR DOING IT WRONG, RUBE. You need to work your magic to get Wade hired by another team with tradeable assets so he can send them to us for spare parts. Might I suggest the Marlins?

  2. this is actually a dope move, Eddie knows talent. He basically drafted our 2008 team. Plus he got some nice pieces from us when we used him. Bourn, Gose, Singleton, Cosart. Solid.

  3. What kind of moron, who calls themselves a Phillies fan, is still trashing Ed Wade in 2011? He helped set this team up GREAT, even without a checkbook to work with.

  4. We now know how close Ed Wade came to delivering us a world championship and there are still people heckling him?
    Take a hint from Pat Gillick, who praised Wade in 2008 for all his home-grown core to which Gillick merely had to add to get us over the hump.
    Welcome back, Ed. Thanks for Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, and putting Vance Worley on the Phillies radar.

  5. Kyle, here is some gold from a blogger whose aim is to educate and not just entertain:
    “What often went unnoticed was Wade’s guidance of the Phillies’ farm system. Here’s a look at who the Phillies drafted by year:
    1998: Pat Burrell (1st, #1), Jason Michaels (4th, #104), Ryan Madson (9th, #254), Geoff Geary (15th, #434), Nick Punto (21st, #614)
    1999: Brett Myers (1st, #12), Joe Saunders (5th, #156), Marlon Byrd (10th, #356)
    2000: Chase Utley (1st, #15), Taylor Buchholz (6th, #175)
    2001: Gavin Floyd (1st, #4), Ryan Howard (5th, #140)
    2002: Cole Hamels (1st, #17)
    2003: Michael Bourn (4th, #115), Kyle Kendrick (7th, #205)
    2004: J.A. Happ (3rd, #92), Lou Marson (4th, #122)
    2005: Josh Outman (10th, #307), Vance Worley (20th, #607)
    (Also note that Wade brought Shane Victorino to Philadelphia via the Rule-5 draft, although he did offer to return the center fielder to the Los Angeles Dodgers at one point.)”
    That’s from Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley.

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