Ryan_howard_donationPhoto via (@Rosy_Rozay)

Well played by the Big Piece. 

via a City of Philadelphia press release:

Philadelphia, December 1, 2011– Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced that the Ryan Howard Family Foundation will donate Adidas athletic wear valued at $1,152,000 to the School District of Philadelphia (SDP). The award will allow fifty-seven SDP high schools with athletic programs to select athletic shoes and apparel that will match the schools’ colors. Four middle school athletic programs will also receive shoes. The award will be distributed this month.

“I am honored to announce this generous gift from Philadelphia Phillie Ryan Howard and his family, which will help our city’s students to have pride in their schools and be prepared to play sports,” said Mayor Nutter. “This gift from The Ryan Howard Family Foundation is a great example of how individuals and institutions can contribute to the education of our students and root for them on the field. I would like to thank The Ryan Howard Family Foundation for reaching out and improving the quality-of-life for thousands of Philadelphia’s young people.” 


Nice move by Howard, who is also sponsored by Adidas. 

Our friends over at Buzz on Broad were in attendance at the presser and have a picture and video of Howard's boot. Piece told them:

"The (achilles) is doing fine…I'm off crutches. But today is about the kids of the city. We'll talk baseball when it's that time."


Soon, Ryan. Soon.