Some Brief AM (ex?)-Phillies News: More on Jimmy Rollins’ Crummy Agent and Jamie Moyer is Writing a Book

image from mobilwi.typepad.comPhoto: Deadspin

Surely you remember the story from last week about Jimmy Rollins’ agent, Dan Lozano, who, according to Deadspin sources, is one of the worst people in the world. Among his misdeeds, Lozano allegedly lures clients in by pretending that he's someone he’s not, uses hookers to both woo and blackmail clients, and repeatedly lies about his past.

Not surprisingly, Lozano’s lawyer had a few things to say about those claims. He sent Deadspin a letter before their story was published, and in it, denied many claims… claims which Deadspin never intended to publish, anyway. 

In a way that is oh-so-A.J. Daulerio, the now Gawker editor let Lozano’s lawyer bring to the surface some claims that otherwise would have never seen the light of day. You can read all of them here, but there’s one interesting denial that we’d like to point out. Take it away, Dan Lozano’s lawyer:

The charities where my client serves an officer of for Jimmy Rollins and Albert Pujols are not being used by my client for any personal benefits whatsoever. The assertion to the contrary is a false and absolute defamatory accusation. 


So, there you have it– Lozano is not using J-Roll’s™ charity for personal benefit, a claim that none of us knew anything about until right now.


In other, less seedy news, Jamie Moyer is going to be writing a book about exactly what you would have thought Jamie Moyer would write a book about: the mental aspect of pitching. His co-author will be Daily News editor Larry Platt. From

"It's basically the continuing education of 49-year-old pitcher Jamie Moyer," says Platt of the book which he expects to be released by the beginning of the 2013 baseball season. "Here's a guy who had been cut by three teams at 31, then he meets Harvey Dorfman. He starts to realize pitching is what takes place from the neck up. He learns that pitching is using hitters' egos against themselves." 


Dorfman is, of course, Roy Halladay’s mind-fuck doctor who passed away earlier this year. 

Anyway, Moyer’s book sounds like a real page-turner… full story here.

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11 Responses

  1. i wonder if i offer kyle some hookers will this blog become any better
    most men like pussy and i dont see nothing wrong with an agent supplying his clients with some “entertainment” for the night while he is trying to sign them
    you ever been on a high school recruiting trip to see how much pussy is thrown at those fellas
    the first place georgia tech recruits are take is to magic city.

  2. Dwayne i know your talking nonsense because Georgia Tech doesn’t have any pussy. Literally, only dudes in there. but hey if thats what you are into dwayne, then its all you bro

  3. I think it’s funny that when this baseball team’s pitching staff was lead by the 46 year old Moyer, it was a consistent force in the ’08 post season yet the same staff lead by the Twin Leviathan of Halladay/Lee has just faltered in a single round…
    Just a though. I understand the offensive production is quite different.
    My point is to just bring to light once again the accomplishments of Moyer while he was here.

  4. bigmyc your point is completley irrelevant and quite frankly i dont know why you posted it. moyer wouldn’t have gotten a single win with the offense we have now

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