This is What the “Victory Beer Hall” at Xfinity Live! Will Look Like

The other day, we posted an extensive preview of what you can expect to see at Xfinity Live! (!!!). By far, my favorite area was the German beer hall, which will officially be called "Victory Beer Hall," in partnership with the Downingtown brewery. 

Yesterday, a few more details were released, along with the above mockup. 

From the press release:

The German-­‐style beer hall will have indoor and outdoor seating, an over 2,000 square-­‐foot patio with fire pit, a stage for live entertainment, and plenty of televisions where you can watch your favorite Philly team. The menu will feature German-­‐style fare from local purveyors such as Dietz and Watson. In partnership with XFINITY Live! Philadelphia, Victory will be directly involved in the training and education of Victory Beer Hall employees to ensure a similar first-­‐class experience that visitors will find at the Victory Brewpub in Downingtown, PA. The Victory Beer Hall at XFINITY Live! Philadelphia, will feature Victory beers along with other regional and national brands.


Now, to be fair, Dietz and Watson is hardly considered a bastion of German fare… but any room filled with meats and craft brews is just fine by me.


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  1. So how much is Xfinity Live! (!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!1zomgzzzzi’msoexcited11!!!!111!!!!1!!!11!!!!!!) paying you to promote the shit out of it, Kyle?
    I mean, Jesus. Sticky tags and false excitement?
    Sell out.
    People are gonna go. You don’t have to give Comcast a blow job in the process.

  2. no one is paying me, it’s only a sticky because it’s by far the most read post of the week, and people, presumably those with less time on their hands than to bitch in a comments section, may have missed it.

  3. Why even bother replying to inner child? If the above image doesnt get your fire lit, your wood is wet.

  4. Looks like a great facility but too bad Victory’s German style beer hall is going to be down in the city. What about a German style biergarten in Chester County?

  5. Didnt Hitler get his start speaking at Munich beer halls? Can see it now Ed snider banging on the pulpit buy more 1973 Flyer DVD’s now!! my liepchin’s

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