Two More Bill Conlin Victims Come Forward

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As you might have imagined, more alleged victims of Bill Conlin are coming forward. 

Wait, Kyle, you’re telling me that an always uncomfortably weird guy* who had “the look” and was accused of penetrating little girls with his fingers and touching boys in the 1970s probably had other victims over a 40-year time period?

Yes, that’s what I’m telling you.

*Once, when I was interning at Comcast SportsNet in 2004, Conlin showed up for an episode of Daily News Live wearing some sort of rabbit’s foot on his ear. The reaction from the interns and video editors in the back was “what the fuck is Conlin doing?" That seemed to be a normal response to Conlin– whether he be in-person, print or on TV.

Late yesterday, two more victims came forward. 

The details, from the Inquirer’s Nancy Phillips, whose phone is probably ringingoff the hook with interview requests… and stories of young girls losing their innocence long before nature intended: []

LINDA STELLA said that she was just a girl when Bill Conlin pulled her onto his lap and began "flexing his leg muscles" during a family birthday party at his house in South Jersey. She leaped off his lap and looked back. She felt confused when she saw the wet spot at the crotch of his white pants.

"I was a kid, I didn't know what it really was," Stella told the Daily News last night. "It looked like he had peed in his pants."



More from Stella:

Stella said that after the birthday-party incident, she twice was at Conlin's house to see if his daughter could play, but the daughter was busy with homework.

Both times she didn't think Conlin was home because she didn't see his car. But as Stella left the bedroom of Conlin's daughter, Conlin suddenly emerged from his bedroom, gripped her by the hand and pulled her into his room, she said.

"I didn't know what to do," she said. "He didn't say a word. He just pushed me on the bed.

"He stuck his hand down my pants and he was rubbing me there and rubbing me on my breasts. I got up and I ran out."

She never returned.

When Stella got married for the first time, in 1983, she struggled to be intimate with her then-husband, she said. "I just couldn't stop crying during and after sex," she said.


Goddammit, Bill. Just… ugh.

Another woman: []

The woman who came forward Wednesday described abuse mirroring that described by the other accusers.

She said Conlin groped and fondled her as she sat in his living room watching television. And she said he assaulted her in an upstairs bedroom after inviting her to see a litter of kittens.

"It was so upsetting," said the woman, now 44 and a mother of three. She said that on two occasions, Conlin touched her genitals and put his fingers inside her.


Officially, that brings the count of admitted victims to six, but Phillips’ original story included a few other secondhand accusations, though it’s unclear if those were the fifth and sixth people who came forward yesterday. Either way, anything > 0 is one too many. 

All of these accounts were from the 1970s. History shows that child molesters rarely halt their actions. Let’s not be too surprised if more come forward. 

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16 Responses

  1. I also heard he used to play Santa during the holidays so the neighborhood kids would sit on his lap & he would get cheap feels off them. He’s a sickoooooo o o o oooooooooooooooooo

  2. Ok someone has to say it. I’m calling bullshit! I remember being 5 years old (3 to 5 years younger than the accusers when they we’re allegidly touched) and my father came to me and told me good touch vs bad touch. The only person who should ever touch me down there should be Mommy, Daddy (to check on a hernia scar i had) or my Doctor. And if ever anyone else touched me there I should tell someone right away.
    Now you tell me 6 accussers we’re touched in a way that ANY 7 or 8 year old knows is wrong, AND THEY TELL NOBODY? Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Police or Teacher?
    If I was fondled when I was 7 I’m not staying quite for 25 minutes much less 25 years.
    Please someone tell me you think this is suspecious!
    Look I know I sound like an asshole for taking the unpopluar position of defending an accused pederast but something is not adding up here.

  3. Very mature response Xavier. A well thought out and stated retort.
    In retrospect, I shouldn’t call total bullshit. I’ll reserve judgement until all the facts come out (if they ever do, not sure how an investigation works once the statue of limitations has past).
    All I’m saying is I think something is weird about the whole thing. Are parents not teaching thier kids important lessons for thier safety? I’m just having trouble understanding why no one said anything until now.
    Again please tell me I’m not the only one who thought this, even for a split second.

  4. you must not have read the inquirer report in detail Tim. The victims DID tell the parents, but in most cases, the parents either decided to keep it quiet (because they didn’t want their husbands/relatives upset) or confronted Conlin about it immediately and basically just scolded him and told him to stay away.
    It’s not like these victims waited 40 years and then said, “oh yea, btw, i’ve never told ANYONE, but…”

  5. Xavier, take note from Enzo, that how you put together a logical response.
    Enzo thanks for setting me staight. I haven’t gotten into the Inq details. Just a skimming after reading the Deadspin piece.
    See folk the internet can be a cordal realm for discussions!

  6. Well Tim, to be fair to Xavier, you’re the one judging the validity of these accusations after “skimming” through a story. Perhaps, if you have questions about whether or not the accusers told an adult, you should do a little more research than just “skimming”.
    Therefore, I rule that Xavier’s assessment of you, in this case, is spot on.

  7. Tim
    I’m pretty sure the original article indicates that one of the victims told her father who then confronted Bill and he broke down in tears.

  8. I grew up in Kensington in the late 70’s thru the late 80’s. If my parents found out that I or my siblings had ever been fondled by anyone, there wouldn’t have been a scolding, there would have been a murder, and most of the neighborhood would have been accomplices. What kind of pussies live in the Jersey suburbs anyway?

  9. I’m pretty sure i’d sucker conlin in the back of the neck if he touched any one of my children.

  10. Parents were not always upfront with their children about bad touch vs. good touch. That’s a new development in the last few decades. Children don’t always tell, having been told by their abuser that something awful will happen if they do.

  11. shit be crazy wit dese moloesters. i’d fuck any mutha fucker up. I agree wit bob stewart 100% homie

  12. Bill conlin seems like a stand up guy its just when he talked sports he was such a douche

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