UniDiction 2011: Week 15 – Eagles vs. Jets and Week 14 Round-Up

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Well, the Eagles won, and I predicted it. Nice. Sure, the score was off, but I'll take the W.

Week 14 Round-Up



The Steelers wore their 60s-ish throwbacks. Again, they're nice twice a season; more than that, well, that's a lot of yellow helmets. Nice to see them in non-yellow pants every once in a while, too. Nothing else notable last week, though the Cardinals wore solid Red again.



Eagles vs. Jets UniDiction

The Eagles are in Green over White, their best combo. It's worth…let's see… 22 points. (Points deducted for drop-shadows on jerseys, questionable pants stripes, and using black as one of the colors of their palette.)

Jets 18

Eagles 22

Some interesting Jets uniform trivia:

  • See the complete Jets uniform history at the Gridiron Uniform Database.
  • Jets fans generally don't like the Titans throwbacks. It's usually assumed that fans love throwbacks whenever their team wears one (Chargers, Patriots, Steelers, etc.), but that's not the case for the Jets because their throwbacks don't "throwback" to, you know, the "Jets."
  • Even though the current uniforms were introduced in 1998 and the color has always been called "Hunter Green," they darkened the green for the 2002 season.
  • The Jets 90s uniforms are very similar to the pre-Midnight Green Eagles uniforms from the same era, though the Jets wore white or green pants instead of silver.
  • Wikipedia has a page devoted to "Logos and Uniforms of the New York Jets," but it omits the "Hunter Green" shade change from 2002.
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6 Responses

  1. I’m just curious as to what aesthetic you use to determine what is acceptable and/or unacceptable in football uniform attire.
    For the record, “midnight green” is an invented color, simply the affectation of an elitist wife of a billionaire dude.

  2. @that girl: Good question.
    1) It needs to look like a football uniform. Yes, this creates a logical conundrum, but similar to some other famous descriptions, you know a football uniform when you see one.
    This looks like one:
    This doesn’t:
    2) I generally don’t like the white jersey over “dark” pants look. “Dark” pants often just end up looking, well, blackish and dark as opposed to an obvious color unless the lighting is ideal (and it’s often not).
    3) Excessive “ornaments” detract from a design. If it looks tacked on, it probably was, originally on a designer’s CorelDraw or Illustrator screen. Inexplicable panels (Cardinals), stripes that aren’t really stripes (Falcons pants), “yokes” (previous Bills uniforms) just look busy and in the big picture, will prove to be only fads.
    I’ll make a note that none of these say “new = bad” or “modern = no good.”
    “Honolulu Blue” (Lions) and continuing to call the Redskins maroon “Burgundy” are just as much products of marketing as “Midnight Green.” It’s just part of sports branding; people only tend to get upset when it’s forced down the fans’ throats (i.e. “Midnight Green”).

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