Video: Claude Giroux Skates on Water

Not only is this pleasing to the eyes, but my God does Giroux look good in this video. He’s still likely a few days away, but this is obviously a good sign– Giroux skating in Denver yesterday.

And is it just me, or does G (rhymer) look more and more like Peter Forsberg every day?

A few more after the jump, if you need some images for a pucktacular spank bank.


11 Responses

  1. good point, KS. we said that after he intercepted that blue line pass and scored on Miller Time during OT. He’s certainly got the Forsberg vision.

  2. Giroux is a great play-making center, like Forsberg, but Forsberg was a standout defensive player and much more physical. If Giroux stays healthy, he’ll surpass Forsberg’s goal scoring ability.

  3. Really, Schtick??
    You think G isn’t a defensively sound player? Our #1 PK forward and always facing tough defensive assignments while still being a positive corsi player and productive players isn’t right to be on the same level of talk of a future like Forsberg?

  4. Giroux isn’t a shut-down center like Forsberg was, though he’s good. I think Giroux’s strength defensively lies in his ability to keep the defense honest because he’s very good at break out/offensive transition.

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