Video: DeSean Jackson’s Birthday Promo, Featuring Topless Reality Star (!!!)

I just wiped my eyes to make sure this is real. Yep– it’s real.

Credit to FOX Philly for this story about a “racy” (love it when mainstream gets all serious) video promoting D-Jac’s birthday on December 4 at G Lounge. Here’s the quick and dirty from FOX Philly, who didn’t post the video:

But this time, the host of Jackson's "party" is controversial "Basketball Wives" star Draya Michele.

In the YouTube video promoting the event on December 5th at G Lounge, Michele appears topless at one point and nearly topless at other moments.

The video also shows a shirtless Jackson crossing his arms, display a tattoo that reads "God's Gif."


The video (and party) sounds like it’s produced by Maybach Music Group, the record label that Lou Williams’ pal Meek Mill was signed by earlier this year (the late-night party before a noon tipoff). Last month, D-Jac and Lou Will performed a rap song together… sooo, it’s all interconnected, really.

Anyway, yeah, that’s DeSean Jackson and some topless reality star promoting his birthday party at G Lounge. Here's the website for the event, which only costs $10 to get in…


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  1. I hope this dumb ass is allowed to walk,I really do…. He’s meant nothing to the team this season but a bunch of stupid ass plays. He can barely catch the ball anymore, yet he actually does think he’s Gods gift, you can tell he does. Plus he acts like a total ass on the field and constantly disrespects other players, even other coaches. He is going to eff up the Eagles image more than anything. Does anyone honestly believe he’s going to straighten his shit out after he “Get’s Paid”. Hell no he isn’t. He’s always going to be a classless a-hole, and his Birthday promo just proves it again.

  2. Wow. He actually took the time to shoot a promo for his own party? DeSean is a fucking wankster faggot. He better hope Turkey starts up a football league sometime soon. Everyone knows this story is going to have an Iverson ending.

  3. I feel bad for the G staff that night. There is no way their getting any tips off D Jax & his crew

  4. “He is about as sharp as a box of marbles”
    So is the imposter poster above. Come on if you’re going to fake being me, do a better job of it. You insult all the other imposter posters out there with your sad-sack job.
    BTW, all ya CB readers will know it’s the real me if ya check me typepad activity and see if it jyves with the comments here. Always.
    Back to that Draya goldigger. Yuck. Horribull sillacone jobs. Horribull.

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