Video: Kurt Warner Gives Donovan McNabb a Pep Talk on National Television

Hey, Donovan, I'm here for the intervention

This had to be the most emasculating moment of Donovan McNabb’s life– Kurt Warner – the grey-haired quarterback with a man wife who beat McNabb in the 2009 NFC Championship game – giving Five a pick-me-up just hours after his requested release.

The have your mom to send us some soup comment from Rich Eisen probably didn’t help things.


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  1. As much as I wanted to watch and enjoy that, I actually started feeling bad and embarrassed about it.
    That and it just so happened to be at the same time the new episode of Sunny was coming on. Figured I might as well try to enjoy *something* related to Philly tonight

  2. cmon who wouldnt give anything to go back to the fun times of the early 2000s? I’m not McNabb’s biggest fan, but he was a great player and should be thought of as such. No he didnt ever win the big one, but no Philadelphia Eagle ever has.

  3. This was by far the highlight of the night. Runner-up was the montage of the week-to-week reactions of the fans with the different covers of the Daily News. Just amazing.

  4. He beat McNabb in the 2001 NFCCG too. Think if we had him instead of McNabb.
    Oh wait, Reid probably STILL would have found a way to get out-coached and lose the game.

  5. Put Vick on IR, bring in McNabb to play the last 4 games because “Why the fuck not at this point?”, let him retire having played his last game in an Eagles’ uniform, and then bury this season and forget it about it until the end of time.

  6. loved how you removed the comment section for the butch ball girls….personal investment? in them? or with sponsors?

  7. Im starting to hope the Eagles put in a claim
    Vick to IR
    VY shot in strip club
    Khafka who cares
    Go out with a bang !! Let the Donny and The Fat Man leave together (like it should’ve been)
    Beez Nutz

  8. k- actually knew people would be a bunch of dicks to a few friendly 22-year-olds… so i censored it for you

  9. “McNabb is a fat lazy pig”
    Posted by: [The Impostering] Iron Balls McGinty [Poster] | December 01, 2011 at 11:09 PM
    But yer a bad combo of the clap and the herpies. Cause you do no good and you don’t know when go away.
    The other impostering IBMcG posters are rolling in their impostering poster graves in the impostering poster graveyard. Soon you will join them there.
    BTW, all ya CB readers will know it’s the real me if ya check me typepad activity and see if it jyves with the comments here. Always.

  10. Eisen: You remember that ad gig you got and then later got dropped from? Yeah, send soup. Oh, and tell your mom I say hi.
    Loved it

  11. “It’s one of those things that wouldn’t have happened had there not been this period of time,’’ said Carlisle, referring to the 149-day lockout. “It was good because I’m a big fan of music and I’m a big believer in the arts.“It also, by agreeing to do a series of these things, we’re going to do one or two more. It puts a good kind of pressure on you to practice and be good enough to not make a fool of yourself.’’

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