UPDATE: Sean Couturier Gets Hit in The Head with Slap Shot

As if the first period wasn’t bad enough for the Flyers (down 4-0 to the Bruins), Sean Couturier got hit in the head with a slap shot off the stick of Kimmo Timonen.

UPDATE: After the game, Paul Holmgren told reporters that the puck did, in fact, hit Couturier in the helmet, but he was taken to the hospital anyway.

Holmgren said Couturier passed initial tests, but will be checked for any damage to the skull and other consequences. He will not travel with the team to Denver today.

Randy Miller of the Courier Post posted video of Holmgren's media availability. Watch it here. The full transcript is after the jump.

Q: What's the latest you can tell us about Sean [Couturier]?


“Well we still don't know. He's at the hospital being evaluated. Fortunately, it [the puck] hit him in the helmet, but we thought it was best to just get him to the hospital and get checked.”



Q: What hospital is he at?


“I believe Pennsylvania [Hospital].”



Q: Did he lose consciousness at all?


“I don't think so, no.”



Q: On checking for a concussion


“Oh the little test thing they do, he did really well on it….whatever they do, whatever the test they do is, his scores were the same as they were in training camp. I think it's more, what they're checking for now, is just damage to the skull and obviously checking him out to see if there's any internal damage.”



Q: Is it scary just to see that though?



“Yeah. He turned his head in time where it didn’t hit him in the front part.  But you don't wanna see that with any player”



Q: It hit him kind of above the ear it looked like?

“Yeah, just in the back “



Q: At some point do you have to sit there and just shake your head with all these injuries, especially with a lot of them being head injuries one after another?

“Yeah we just gotta plow through it.  We played a good team today that kind of made us look bad, but we’ve gotta bounce back.”



Q: Will you call up a centerman?

“I don't know, I gotta count up the guys we got here. We do have some flexibility, Matt Read could play center…and obviously Schenn and Giroux are probably not options here for the near future, so, I'm not sure, we'll have to talk about that.”




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  1. What a shame! Is this your excuse for getting your asses kicke today?
    NINETEEN SEVENTY FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Boston=city of douchebags……nothing better to do but come to another towns blog and talk shit? Must be 40 and living in your mom’s basement huh?

  3. One Stanley Cup, a couple cheated super bowls, a bought NBA championship, and a lucky world series? City of champions huh?

  4. Take a closer look at the sequence of events. Chara shoved Couturier from behind while he was trying to duck the shot.

  5. Why do Boston fans even talk sports? They’re so far up their teams ass they don’t realize how bad their hockey team is. Tim Thomas is the ONLY reason that team is good.
    Prove me wrong.

  6. I was playing floor hockey at my elementary school gym. I has hounched over ready to be in positon near the hockey net. I saw a girl ready to shoot to me so I thought. I was looking right at her, she did a slap shot and hit me in the front of my skull. I flew back and landed on my ass. No helmet. I was dizzy she did even give a shit. Definitely deliberate. No hospital, no medical treatment. I braced for impact, I deflected the blow by distributing the force around my entire skull. I have a cist in my brain. I am guessing it is from that. My injury was a fat lip and a black eye.

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