Videos: Hefty Eagles Fan Rant, CSN’s Angry Greg Ryan… and a Wayward F-Bomb

There’s really nothing to write anymore– just here to chronicle the carnage. 

As always, YouTube sensation eatdatpussy445 entertains us with his post-game rant: "Right when he threw that fucking pick trying to lead us back into the game, man, I said fuck it, and made a video."

4:00 is where he really loses his shit… and starts with the Sandusky jokes.

After the jump is CSN’s go-to time filler, Angry Greg Ryan, who was not only predictably angry, but was on-air while a wayward F-bomb from the always ruly patrons at PJ Whelihan’s found the microphone. Meredith looks good, though.

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles.


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23 Responses

  1. Greg Ryan is an idiot. Why does CSN think I give a rat’s ass about what that drunk has to say after every game?
    We complain about getting abused by the national media, but parade clowns like that idiot in front of a camera every week to regurgitate what is said 500 times a day on talk radio and blogs (andy sucks, linebackers suck, we need to run more, desean is a baby, etc.).

  2. Did anyone else want to reach into the TV and strangle Andy every time he called a time out?
    WTF, the frist two time outs in the second half…why? What hell is wrong with him? Is he demented?

  3. I think Fat Albert and George Costanza should get their own show. For some reason, they give a damn. I quit on this team weeks ago.

  4. Also, #10 needs to get the hell out of here. He’s a professional football player and can’t take the slightest hit and just gives up on yards after the catch when a defender gets close. He’s too small, and is a bitch, he need to go.

  5. Meredith got so much better looking from last year sideline sixers gig. Nice fake cans I would love to motor boat

  6. Cameraman from a few weeks ago was much better. At least get part (or parts) of Meredith in the camera angle when zooming in if you’re going to make us look and listen to that buffoon who had too many and sounds like he’s going to cry!

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