Vote: Sixers’ New Mascot

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It’s rare that I do this… Normally, when posting a, um, post, I’ll take time to include thoughts, if I have any. I do, in fact, have a bunch on the new Sixers mascot selections. Those thoughts will be forthcoming.

For now, though, here are your options: What, The and Fuck.

You can vote here.

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31 Responses

  1. IF anything please be Big Ben…. otherwise you just created the same mascot just a different animal. How does a moose symbolize the city of Philadelphia or 1776? WHAT THE FUCK.

  2. Why is Big Ben so out of shape? Is that a beer belly? We went from a roided out Bugs Bunny to a fat old guy? I….I just don’t understand.

  3. FAIL
    …unless the intent was to replace a shitty mascot with a shittier mascot.
    Since when do basketball teams absolutely NEED a mascot, eh? Which imbecile is responsible for this stupidity? Fire them yesterday as soon as possible.

  4. andy reid had something to do with this shit. we thought we were getting what we wanted, but very, very dissapointed…

  5. Big Ben would be awesome with a colonial drumline! I think everyone is crazy for thinking Big Ben is a bad idea.

  6. These are so bad, I’m surprised there isn’t an option for a human-sized cheesesteak with a red, white and blue top hat

  7. A Moose??? Are you kiddin’ me? A friggin Moose? At least make it one of those skinny mule deer that are out around Valley Forge and jump into your windshield on 422. At least those suckers are local…and they can sky! They still get crushed by bigger, faster, stronger opposition, but hey – it might just be the perfect symbol for this franchise.

  8. Dear God…this is whats left to choose from? Did these get pulled out of a bag-o-shit?
    Gotta love the comments though…
    Can we get Amaro involved in this? He’ll get them a mascot.

  9. I realized only when I learned that this woman had passed away why I thought I hadn’t seen her again. I had, but she looked completely different when she was ill. She had lost all her hair, most of her body weight and struggled with even simple tasks. She was almost unrecognizable with her walker.

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