All-Star Scott Hartnell News: Zdeno Chara Doesn’t Like Harts Very Much, Over $15,000 Worth of #hartnelldown T-Shirts Sold


That sounds weird– All-Star. ‘Tis true, though. 

Scotty Hartnell made the media rounds these last two days. Without actively looking, I have heard or seen him on WIP, 97.3 ESPN, WMMR and Action News. And as you might expect from Hartsy, there were a few highlights.

Last night on 97.3 ESPN in South Jersey, Hartnell talked with our friend Mike Gill* about campaigning for draft position to Joffrey Lupul, who is the alternate captain of big Zdeno Chara’s team (the NHL will hold the All-Star Game fantasy draft tonight).

It seems Chara might not be a big fan of Hartnell:

Joffrey Lupul, he’s assistant captain to Chara, let’s see how much pull he has. I just texted him, said, “Where am I gonna go here? Number one, two overall?” He’s sitting there laughing at me and said, “I think the Big Z doesn’t like you very much, playing you all the time in the playoffs.”


*I’ll be a guest on Gill’s show tonight at 5:30… which means his Wednesday ratings will probably come in much higher than they will for Thursday.

Earlier in the day, Hartnell spoke with Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow on WIP. The conversation quickly turned to Hartnell’s use of (and success with) Twitter, specifically the #hartnelldown hashtag, which I believe was created by (@sethDH):

I saw it in warmups a couple years ago, Hartnell Down 145. I forget what the number was, but I was like “What the heck is that, Hartnell Down?” I didn’t get it, but I saw it a couple weeks later, Hartnell Down 158. I was like “What the heck is going on?” So finally I got wind that it was how many times I fell down. I’m like “Jeez, is this guy chirping me or what? Is it bad? Is he a Ranger fan, or who is this guy?”  I ended up finally getting on Twitter, and these guys messaged me, #hartnelldown. It’s actually pretty funny, and me and my agent got talking and I thought this would be kind of cool to make up a shirt, #hartnelldown, and give the proceeds to charities or whatever. 

It just started off, he ordered a few hundred shirts and they were sold in the first four or five days. This is bigger than we thought, so we ordered a bunch more and I think we’ve sold right around $15,000 worth of stuff. It’s hilarious, now I’m making new ones for Valentine’s Day, for all the ladies out there. It’s pretty funny, and people are already tweeting "how many times are you going to fall in the All-Star Game" or if I’m going to have a #hartnelldown in the fastest skating competition and crash into the boards. 




You can pick up one of those shirts at Listen to the WIP interview here.

Pics via Scott's Twitter


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  1. To confirm, @SethDH did create #HartnellDown.
    I remembered talking to Scotty about it last year after a game and asked him if he heard about it. It was right around when he caught wind of it. I know Seth so I told him it was my friend who created it. He seemed amused by it and then said, “I hope your buddy was paying attention. I fell quite a bit tonight.”
    I’m thrilled to see Hartsy embrace this. It’s hilarious and the fact he’s doing it for charity speaks volumes. Never would someone dream a harmless hashtag on Twitter would make a huge difference.
    Great job, Seth!

  2. thats pretty awesome to see a pro get picked on a little, embrace it and turn it into something good for charity. Can you imagine if Reid made up a #coughcoughtimesyours twitter and donated a buck every time he cleared his throat or said times yours? No one in philly would go hungry!

  3. Hartnell has a really good sense of humor. If you search google for “Scott Fartsmell”, you’ll find an amusing story about a Penguins fan (bleh) who bought a Flyers #19 jersey and put “FARTSMELL” on the back. Well, he wore it to a Penguins vs. Flyers game, Hartnell saw it, found it amusing, and actually signed it for the guy “To my biggest fan, your bud, Scott Fartsmell”. He’s a great sport about things like this, and it ended up leaving a positive impression on the Penguins fan, even if he only admitted it begrudgingly, lol.

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