Beaten Rangers Fan Will Get Tickets to Rangers Game, Needs Facial Surgery

Our friend Bob, from, passes along this update on Neal Auricchio, the Rangers fan who was beaten outside Geno’s. 

The Rangers have invited him to a game: []

Neal, who works as a policeman for the Woodbridge Police Department in New Jersey, will be watching the team at Madison Square Garden on February 27th when the Blueshirts take on the Devils. Details of if they will recognize him are still being worked out according to a MSG source.

Rangers head coach John Tortorella, who called Neal almost immediately, was at the forefront if the move — providing a number of tickets to Auricchio and his family.


Bob also informs us that Auricchio will now need to undergo facial surgery as a result of the attack. Sad.

The folks at NY Rangers Blog are also doing a nice job of updating the story.


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  1. @Kenny
    As soon as that kid appeared on 24/7 i knew he’d get boo’d.
    He should have too. And his parents. And the Rangers.
    Tough shit.

  2. @fats- I agree, the kid showed no class & was screaming go rangers as he was wheeling down the cbp concourse.
    ***I mean no disrespect because he’s in a wheelchair.

  3. I wonder if he’ll get fired from his job. Off-duty cops are supposed to stop crimes in progress, not participate in them.

  4. I’m glad Kyle’s not awarding anyone an American Male gift certificate for comments on this story, though I’m sure a couple of you jackasses (Fats, Mr. Snider) could stand to get cleaned up a bit.

  5. I was booing the jersey he was wearing, not the fact that he was in a wheelchair… I don’t understand what the problem is.

  6. LOL muscles… you were booing a jersey worn by fan? Those inantimate objects…. gotta watch out for them. Glad you gave it a piece of your mind?

  7. What I was saying was if the kid was boo’d it should be because he’s a Ranger fan.
    Not BECAUSE he’s in a wheelchair.
    By the way, JUST BECAUSE he’s in a wheelchair isn’t a reason NOT to do so.
    I assumed Mr. Snider’s comment was a shot at me.
    Not a REAL comment. At least I hoped it wasn’t.
    @ Shtick Coma … Great name.

  8. honestly it probably made the kid feel normal to get booed by flyers fans. Builds character & gives him something to text Torts about.

  9. I wanted to punch that kid out of his wheelchair when he was screaming go rangers on 24/7 while at the WC

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