Photo via CSN's John Gonzalez (@GonzoCSN)


Wait, wait?

On Tuesday night, Billy Baldwin, the random brother of Alec Baldwin and others, swung through Joe Paterno’s viewing. He didn’t attend Penn State, but he once had pasta with Joe Pa. Here’s what he told the Inquirer:

Actor Billy Baldwin was among the last through the spiritual center Tuesday. He never attended Penn State, did not know Paterno family well but had been to dinner at their house once.

"They welcomed me into their home with a big pasta dinner," he said."I just felt like I needed to be here."


Penn State student radio reporter Tom Zulewski had the privilege of interviewing Baldwin and was told he was a friend of the family.

Today, CSN’s John Gonzalez tweeted the the above pic of the actor, who was hanging outside with the media prior to the funeral. Gonzo’s sig other and FOX Philly reporter, Colleen Wolfe, noticed the same thing:


Odd indeed. And if you’re thinking this post is a stretch, so am I. This is the nuclear winter portion of your Philadelphia sports year. I’m almost rooting for an Andy Reid press conference. Almost.