Bob Gets Flyers First Shootout Victory of Year, Dances


The Flyers go into the All-Star break on an unlikely note after having beat the Panthers for their first shootout win of the year. The mini skills comp included a few highlights: Kris Versteeg, his pretty hair and dumb mouthguard flubbed their first shot against number one goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky. Then Claude Giroux did Scott Celmmensen all sorts of dirty. And, finally, Bob made the save for the Flyers’ first shootout win of the year. Afterward, he did a little dance, which is set to creepy Russian music after the jump.

Seems like a good time to pick up one of these…


Must-see video mashup after the jump.

.gif via (@chasew12) and (@StrychF)

video via (@dhillman8111)


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  1. Brian Boucher Mentoring 101: The Shootout
    When winning a shootout, it is nice to do a quick dance, jig, or side step to show your approval/joy for the win. This is especially helpful when winning a game that puts you in the playoffs, or after a game where the #1 goalie fails to stop any shootout shots.
    And Giroux? Be still my uterus, that move was f’in sexy.

  2. That was an intentional homage to the Boosh shootout win dance against the Rangers a couple years ago. Nice work by Bob. (Too bad he couldn’t work in the leg kick.)

  3. I’ll watch Bob dance all day long if that means he keeps winning games. I’ve never been his biggest supporter, but at this point I’ll cheer for whomever keeps the puck out of the net. And I still miss Boosh.

  4. @Tim: it has to be Boosh on circumstances alone. By the way, it wasn’t a leg kick, it was him pissing excellence all over the Rangers.

  5. To be honest, Bobs dances much better than Ovechkin rapps:
    And that music is creepie. Totally ruined the Irish Jig I had going in me head when I saw The Bobs Victory Dance.
    But at least some smart fella has put it to the new Flyers goal song:
    And BOTH are MUCH better than this lame radio show’s crapple effort:
    (Man does terrestreehole radio suck like the Real Fake IBMcG. Thank god I got me Sirius and Howard Stern and he’s reupped his contract for a few more years, although I’m sick of the Benjy Bronk vortex there and on this very blog o’ Laddie Boy’s.)

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