Bob Starting For Flyers, Again


Still think there’s not a goalie controversy?

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18 Responses

  1. Bob has a great record vs Islanders, real test is vs Nashville, Bryz needs to start and MUST win that game to keep this controversy on the back burner

  2. You wanted to mention Tim Thomas as being among the elite in the league.
    Yet he’s 24th in the league in starts among goalies.
    That must mean there is a goalie controversy in Boston, right?!
    The answer is no, there is not. And there isn’t one here, either.

  3. I hope the goalie controversy thing works out for you, you really seem to be pulling for it

  4. Or maybe it has to do with Bob being 6-0 with a 1.84 GAA against the Isles and Bryz GAA against the Isles is over 5.00. At least do a litle research before you stir the controversy pot you hack

  5. why would anyone offer anyone a 9-year contract? let alone a 31 year old
    you got 8.5 more years to bang on Bryz

  6. How is having two good goalies a controversy? Bob is better vs. the Islanders, he’s coming off a great showing in Carolina and Lavy wants to get him some starts. I’m so tired of the “goalie controversy” stuff.
    And the 9 year contract was for the cap hit and nothing else. My thought when he signed was that we would see 2 maybe 3 seasons of him being the #1 and if they don’t trade Bob away, Bob could be the starter after that. I realize that Bob may be trade bait, but I still stand behind the thought process.

  7. Love how Kyle responds to people in the comments section… until they bring up the legitimate points about there not being a goalie conversation. Then he’s silent. Happened the other day and, it seems, is happening here.

  8. i’m not silent, i just happen to be doing other things than arguing with points about how there is not a goalie controversy, when we’re sitting here arguing about the goalie– which is the very definition of controversy.
    that doesn’t mean the world is ending, it doesn’t mean children are dying of aids in africa (i mean, they are, but…), it just means we have an uncertainty as to who the better goalie is. right now, it’s bob. and if the playoffs were to start today, you could make a case for him starting, so, yeah, that’s controversial.

  9. If Bryz had started the Winter Classic, would we even be talking about this? Probably not. Besides, Laviolette has made it abundantly clear that he is going to go with who’s hot.
    Goalie controversies are becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy in this town. It’s a really tired storyline.

  10. For every good/awesome trade Homer has made, his signing of Bryz to this 9 year deal will haunt him forever. Unless of course he wins a Cup… then all is forgotten. Bob is better right now and deserves to play. Plus as other people pointed out his numbers against the Islanders are stellar. Relax with the controversy crap… just enjoy the fact that this is a good young team who will contend for years to come.

  11. “arguing with points about how there is not a goalie controversy, when we’re sitting here arguing about the goalie– which is the very definition of controversy.”
    ONLY because YOU keep saying there is one, and we refute it. I can say that Iran is close to taking over New York City and then sweeping through Philly and on to DC… I say that… does that mean that there is an immediate threat? NO! Just because YOU say it does NOT mean it’s true!
    Again, I’ll bring up Thomas. You could argue Rask is playing better than him right now. (Actually, he has the best save % in the league, so it’s not even really an argument.) You could make an argument that if the playoffs started today that Rask should get the start. Does that mean Boston has a goalie controversy? NO! Stop trying to stir shit up Kyle.

  12. I really hope there isn’t more issues going forward but I don’t know how well Bryzgalov’s personality in reality matches with this team, no matter how much Lavs says he likes his personality. I’m hoping for the best though because they are definitely stuck with him, unless we have a guy get sent down to the minors making that much per year. There will be a goalie controversy with him and Leighton on the Phantoms.

  13. maybe its because Bob hasn’t recorded a lost against the Islanders, but no one thinks of that

  14. First, can we all agree that Homer had no choice here and had to bring in a Goalie at the behest of Snider. What I’d like to know is whether or not Carter and Richie get traded even if there is no deal for Bryz? And Bob is not the better goaltender. He’s the hotter goal tender right now. I’m not giving up on Bryz just yet. If it were me, I would be starting the guy every game except where it made sense, as it does in the case of the Islanders where Bob has a very strong history. But at this point, Bryz is your starting goaltender and for everyone’s sake he needs the games and needs to start winning. Because as much as I like Bob, I do, we are not winning a cup this year on his shoulders. What we need is for Bryz to get some confidence and start winning games and not fear that Bob is going to be named the starter. It was a big mistake to start Bob in the classic.

  15. “i’m not silent, i just happen to be doing other things than arguing with points about how there is not a goalie controversy, when we’re sitting here arguing about the goalie– which is the very definition of controversy. ”
    Hahahahahahahah the only one who’s argueing’s you. Suck it up, Boyo, you stuck yer foot in yer mouth this time. You’ve lost any argument if there was one.
    The others who said this is right. Bobs is steller against the Isles. THat’s the only reason why Bryz ain’t starting. Nuff said.

  16. Yikes…CB Readers 1 – Kyle 0….
    there is nothing more I could really add these comments. Everyone pretty much shot you down right away Kyle. Great points guys.
    Gotta love the Philly media!!

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