Brent Celek was a Passenger in a DUI Crash Early This Morning

Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 10.11.58 AM

Brent Celek turned 27 yesterday. Early this morning at around 2:30 a.m., seemingly on his way home from celebrating, he was a passenger in a DUI crash that occurred on an off-ramp near Lincoln Financial Field, according to police.

No one in the car was hurt. The driver, Sean Glynn, 35, failed a sobriety test and was going too fast when he spun out of control, according to police. It's worth noting that there is a Sean Glynn who co-owns Gigi's Restaurant and Lounge in Old City. His partner? Kyle Kendrick's wife, Stephenie LaGrossa.

I’m guessing Brent Celek’s birthday shots, scheduled for tonight at 879 Lounge, may be put on hold: 

Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 8.48.54 AM



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  1. First off…the least these two homos could have done was wear a different shirt. They look like to gay lovers. Pathetic. Secondly concerning wardrobe, hey Brent…tank top dude. No. I guess the new thing in 2012 is to go out with your friend, look like a flaming homo, and wear tank tops that guys in Brazil wear on the beach.
    Disgusting. Hey at least the Eagles made the playoffs.

  2. And they have the same glasses on….what is wrong with these two gaylords….lemme guess, this picture was taken at Shampoo on 18 and up night

  3. The sad thing is he didn’t even have to pay for a cab, although he surely could have afforded it. The NFL pays for a car service for every active player that is available 24/7 with no questions asked, all he had to do was call and say he needed a ride and they would have been there within minutes.

  4. looking at brett & his lover in that pic just tells you how soft the eagles are.God I miss the days of B Dawk & Trot. There are no mans men on this eagles team. No heart

  5. Ahahaha I love how you respond to all the people saying Brent looks like a homo in that picture by putting up an even gayer looking picture. Well done

  6. I wonder if Brett did his 1st point like he does after every 1st down catch like he just won the f*cking superbowl.

  7. I think he took the picture down, because he was able to find one that might be more gay than the first one

  8. what’s wrong with these eagles players all being metro-sexuals these days??? No wonder the eagles play with zero heart. They would rather run a terrible bar or spray tanning joint then close a game out in the 4th q

  9. It sounds like The Real FAKE Iron Balls McGinty is a self-hating metrosexxual. I bet you he’s also Celek himself.
    And in that case, many happy returns, you wankering impostering poster. Be careful with too much imbybing. You’ll get the Slappy Boyo limpdick, although in your case it don’t really matter cause you ain’t using it anyway, despite your constant attempts at wankering.

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  10. I’m surprised Barkann wasn’t in the cab with these dorks kissing their ass like he does Kendrick. Barkann also is a co-owner at Gigi’s with that d-bag Sean Glynn.

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