Caption This! Darryl Dawkins Looking Like a Boss at Last Night’s Sixers Game, Hits on Meredith Marakovits

YO, HOSS! Did that alligator put up much of a fight?

This is Jeremiah Trotter and Darryl Dawkins sitting courtside at last night’s Sixers thrashing of the Kings. The screen grab, which I tweeted out during the game, is near perfection: Trots has no idea what’s going on, the alligator is asleep, the ref is very white, and CHOCOLATE THUNDER is potentially looking up the skirt of superhero Meredith Marokovits, whom he hit on earlier in the night:  

I have no idea what he said before the “You look good” part, but, really, who cares? 

This is all – presumably – part of Adam Aron’s plan to get both Sixers greats and other Philly sports notables seated courtside at The Well. It’s a noble effort, but I think he severely over estimates the adoration most folks have for Dawkins, Trotter, and Ron Jaworski, who was one of last night’s featured fans. None of that stuff matters, and Jaws is pretty much omnipresent in Philadelphia, anyway. The Sixers just need to win, which they’re doing… Check out this stat from ESPN: they are the first team since the 1969-1970 New York Knicks to have five 20+ point wins in their first nine games. The Knicks won the championship last that year.

Of course, we dedicated a post to Dawkins' jacket… so maybe Aron is on to something.

[Editor’s note: a raucous #shitmaliksays last night… full recap coming shortly]

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  1. Honest question – I see the Sixers played 13 men last night. I’d always thought the rule was 12. Has there been a change or was I mistaken?

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  3. By the way did anyone ask Trotter what he’s doing next season? He still might be an improvement over our current LB’s.

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  5. FWIW, today is Dawkins’ birthday, maybe he would looking for someone to celebrate with last night…

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