CBC Columnist Theorizes That Flyers Could Look For Another Goalie

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Holy bat shit, Batman! 

Now, this is one of those speculatory conjectured rumor opinioned masturbatory theorizing hypothetical my-cousin-told-your-cousin-who-told-my-friend-who-told-your-mother ruminations, but it is interesting nonetheless. From CBC’s Elliote Freedman via Broad Street Hockey: [CBC]

It's interesting to hear other teams talk about the Flyers. If there's one thing they really respect, it's Philly's willingness to make bold decisions. That's why there's a suspicion that if Ilya Bryzgalov or Sergei Bobrovsky doesn't grab a stranglehold on the net, Philadelphia may look at someone else (on a short-term contract) to calm the position. 


Oh my. I can hear Ed Snider hyperventilating into an empty bag of Franzia. This would be the transactional equivalent of admitting a $51 million mistake, and would most likely put Bob’s confidence into a meat grinder. It's probably not plausible, either. But (there's that word again) the Flyers built their team around a goalie, one who is not currently pulling his weight. If Paul Holmgren thinks the team has a chance to win the Cup, and the goaltender position is the only thing that stands in the way, then there's no reason to completely dismiss this the way we originally dismissed Mike Richards trade rumors.

Still, we’ll file this one under Crazy Canadians. For Now.

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19 Responses

  1. The goaltender position is NOT the only thing standing in the way. This defense is absolute shit. Sure, Bryz is not playing up to par, but this defense is not doing him any favors. Meszaros sucks now, Carle sucks, Coburn is starting to suck. The only people doing any good are Kimmo (at an all-star level) and these AHLers. I fear for this defense in the playoffs, hoping that poor Kimmo isn’t burned out by April most of all.
    They’re the big problem, not as much the goaltending. This defense needs to start HITTING and not play so damn open and lax, that’s where it’s biting them in the ass. They need to make offenses afraid to bring the puck into the Flyers’ zone. And no one’s afraid of this defense. Luke Schenn may not be having a good year, but that guy fucking HITS people and that’s what we need. Not saying Luke Schenn specifically, but we need people to hit and pressure the opposing offense a lot more or it doesn’t matter if we have Bryz, Bob or mid-90s Patrick Roy in net.

  2. As far as Bob’s confidence, well, he’s 10-3 with a .921 save percentage, despite that there are 51 million reasons why he’ll never gain a stranglehold on the starting job.
    Sure, Lavs says he goes with the hot goalie, but you know there’s pressure to give the space cadet the 60-65 games Holmgren brought him in for.
    I feel like the kid has no future here, whether we add another goaltender to the mix or not. It’s unfortunate, because Bob is developing into a solid number-one goalie. Plus he’s YOUNG. One bad playoff run doesn’t negate his potential. Look at Tim Thomas circa 2010.

  3. But I agree with Ed Snider’s Wine: it’s not the only problem. So many bad passes in their own zone. Brutal.

  4. To “Ed Sniders Wine” Please justify to me how the defense sucks? Because to me they’ve played fine all year. Bobrovsky plays behind the same defense Bryzgalov does and has great numbers this season. It’s not the defense it’s the man in net. Bobrovsky is 10-3 Bryz is 16-10, been pulled 4 times, and has a S% ranked 66th in the NHL. If the defense sucked I’d expect both goalies numbers to be around the same, but Bryz’s GAA and S% is nowhere near where Bob’s is.

  5. It’s definitely a combination of both the defense and poor goaltending at inopportune times. The Flyers, especially recently, and I actually have noticed for the past few years it seems, struggle to break out of their end zone. If I was coaching against the Flyers, the key to victory is active D-men jumping up inside the blue line along the boards, as it seems thats where the Flyers love to just wing the puck.
    And yes, Bryz has been mediocre at best. He has shown in certain games that he has the ability to steal a game here or there. It’s going to be tough to get rid of this “controvery”, especially with Lavs mind fucking them at every turn.

  6. Hey Matt,
    Go look at the teams Bob has played vs the teams Bryz has played. Still not saying Bryz has played great, but Bob’s good record could have something to do with the fact the teams he plays have averaged 9th place (read: non-playoff teams) at the time of the game.

  7. What’s the worse thing that could happen? The Flyers lose in the first round,or don’t make the playoffs…. It’s not like that hasn’t happend in the last 38 years.

  8. @Matt,
    Hey watch a game and then try to justify how the Flyers D is playing “fine”.
    If you cant see that they have no breakout, that Bourdon is one of the worst NHL defenders in the NHL, nobody clears the front of the net, players tip pucks past Bryz, the offense doesnt know who to cover or what to do in the D zone, and overall they are prob in the bottom 5 for D all together….then you clearly don’t understand hockey. The only way we win is if we put up 5+ goals or goalie stands on his head. We did that for a while but then teams caught on how to play us and now our pathetic defense is being exposed.
    Please stop being typical flyers fans and looking at the score and saying “Doh they scored more then us our goalie sucks!” watch the game and understand the game please.
    Bryz is not going to be the Flyers goalie for 9 years (sad i have to explain this) The 9 years was to stretch out the cap hit so it would be under 6. I would say hes your starter for 4-6 years depending on how he handles it. Bob is 23 years old, in 6 years he will be 29 which is still young for a goalie and before his prime. So Bryz is here to mentor Bob and turn him into a #1 as well as get him accustomed to the language barrier (both russian in case you didnt know). Bob is still being groomed to be a starter. It just depends on the Flyers if they want to continue to pay 7 million plus for both goalies or move him for other pieces.
    So yea…not worried about Bob’s confidence really.

  9. Oh and the Flyers are not going to get another goalie. This not a video game. You dont pull the trigger on a goalie in less than one full year.
    If they do it would be the biggest bone head move since we signed Chris Gratton and gave him a 10 million dollar signing bonus, or trading all our young talent for aging players (See Clarke, Bob)

  10. Elliot would be a steal from St. Louis, but we’d have to work on the D as well. I can’t blame Bryz, or hate this contract. It was the contract chess game the Flyers were playing that got rid of Richards and Carter and got us guys like Cooter, Simmonds, Jagr and Voracek. I would take them over Carts and Richie any day.

  11. I’m sure we can all agree that Bryz reading this article probably isn’t going to be the best thing for his seemingly fragile mindset.

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