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Holy bat shit, Batman! 

Now, this is one of those speculatory conjectured rumor opinioned masturbatory theorizing hypothetical my-cousin-told-your-cousin-who-told-my-friend-who-told-your-mother ruminations, but it is interesting nonetheless. From CBC’s Elliote Freedman via Broad Street Hockey: [CBC]

It's interesting to hear other teams talk about the Flyers. If there's one thing they really respect, it's Philly's willingness to make bold decisions. That's why there's a suspicion that if Ilya Bryzgalov or Sergei Bobrovsky doesn't grab a stranglehold on the net, Philadelphia may look at someone else (on a short-term contract) to calm the position. 


Oh my. I can hear Ed Snider hyperventilating into an empty bag of Franzia. This would be the transactional equivalent of admitting a $51 million mistake, and would most likely put Bob’s confidence into a meat grinder. It's probably not plausible, either. But (there's that word again) the Flyers built their team around a goalie, one who is not currently pulling his weight. If Paul Holmgren thinks the team has a chance to win the Cup, and the goaltender position is the only thing that stands in the way, then there's no reason to completely dismiss this the way we originally dismissed Mike Richards trade rumors.

Still, we’ll file this one under Crazy Canadians. For Now.

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