Claude Giroux seems like a real bitch to play against. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

He just oozes gingery hockey sex all over whichever sheet of frozen water he steps onto. Not only does he score and pass and hit and make puck bunnies damp, but he also might be the league’s leading chirper. In episode 3 of 24/7 he got under the skin of the series’ foil, Steve Ott, by laughing off Ott’s supposed faceoff skills… and then winning the draw.

We were treated to more drops of ginger last night. First, Giroux stopped by Henrik Lundqvist’s net: 

Giroux: Fuckin’ Henrik, let me score one tonight. Just one.

Lundqvist: [slaps stick]

Giroux: Just one.


Giroux would score, one goal. 

Later, at the start of the third period, Giroux informed Scott Hartnell that James van Riemsdyk would perform Artem Anisimov’s shotgun celebration, should he score.

That exchange: 

Giroux: He said if he scores he does “The Anisimov.” [turns too JVR] You going to shoot the goalie? 

Hartnell: Do it.

JVR: [nods head]

Giroux: I don’t know who I’m going to fight, though. I got 62, shotgun.


62 is the very pretty Carl Hagelin, who just got his balls snipped off by the mouth of Claude Giroux. 

Screen Shot 2012-01-06 at 12.25.49 PM62, shotgun

We continue:

Hartnell: I got Girardi.

Giroux: Who’s got Boyle? [turns to JVR] You got Boyle?

JVR: You see what Rupp did?

Giroux: What he do?

JVR: He did the “Jags Salute,” that’s why we gotta respond.

Giroux: No he didn’t. Fuck off.

Giroux: [to Brian Byole] Hey, did Rupp do the “Jags Salute?”

Boyle: I thought it was pretty cool.

Giroux: How is that cool? That’s the second goal of his fucking career. 

Hartnell: That’s fucking embarrassing is what it is.

Boyle: Shut up.

Giroux: The guy’s a fucking legend.


What a comedy trio they are– G, Harts and JVR. Giroux is the gifted, naggy little friend; Hartnell is the instigator; and JVR is the silent assassin.  

Unfortunately in this skit, the assassin’s rifle never went off, and the Flyers lost the Winter Classic, 3-2. But that reality should in no way take away from what was an amazing production– HBO's 24/7.

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