Claude Giroux, Kimmo Timonen All-Stars, But Not Scott Hartnell

That sound you hear is Scott Hartnell getting snubbed.

18 G, 19 A, 37 PTS, +19 for Hartnell– all of which are better than Alex Ovechkin, who is an All-Star.

Claude Giroux and Kimmo Timonen made the team, and rookies Matt Read and Sean Couturier will play in the rookie game. The full rosters are here.


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  1. looking at the roster of forwards, besides the first six all stars (all home votes), there isnt a guy on there that hartnell deserves to go over. he isnt an all star, and never will be

  2. that’s criminal. what are you talking about TR? he definitely deserves to be on the squad over Ovechkin this year?

  3. Here’s the thing though- if Ovechkin was on a line with Giroux he’d probably have 35 goals and 50 assists already, and would be a unanimous all star.
    I like Scotty, but he’s not an all star.

  4. Look at his numbers “TR” and give me an argument how he couldn’t? Besides you hating him.

  5. Yeah, Hartnell’s benefitting from his linemates’ supernatural skills, but you don’t score 18 goals by accident. He’s getting some jam in there and deserves recognition.
    That said, I’m pretty sure the NHL would collapse if they (god forbid) had an All-Star Game without Crosby or Ovechkin in attendance.

  6. ovechkin’s line is just fine. hes with backstrom, another all star who recently was injured. who has scored 100+ points in a season a couple times. the all star game just has to have each team represented as equal as possible

  7. I think Hartnell could have been an All-Star this year. Past years, definitely not. But this year he’s significantly cut down on the aspects of his play that would irk Flyers fans (bad penalties, bad puck possession, and not as many #hartnellDowns). That, coupled with the fact that hes on a great line, has produced some ASG worthy stats this year. Yeah Ovi would produce more on that line, but you can tailor that argument anyway you want, about any player you want. *cough* Joffrey Lupul *cough*. But Hartnells also been doing the type of things that don’t show up on the stat sheets, that have been equally as important to his success. I think its definitley a snub this year.
    But thats the All-Star game for ya. All-star games have become a complete farce in pro sports. Just as it is in every sport, the NHL ASG is a popularity contest. The fans of every ASG city will always stuff the ballots and they’ll never shun guys like Crosby or Ovechkin on the team, especially a league like the NHL that doesn’t promote anyone except Ovechkin and Crosby. Unless they’re both injured, you won’t see an ASG without one/both of them until they’re out of the league. And even though Hartnell does deserve the nod over a couple of the players they’ll always choose the sexy goal scorer over the gritty power forward every time.

  8. They need to get rid of the ‘at least one player from every team’ rule. It eliminates much, much better players from winning squads in order to have fat, Twinkie eatin Dustin Byfuglien on the roster. Carey Price being on an all-star team this year, is a fucking joke, and because of that you eliminate a deserving guy like Theodore or Mike Smith. At least one thing we can all agree on is that there is and never will be a Flyers goalie anywhere near an all0star game roster.

  9. there are many players who ‘deserve” to be an all-star who didnt make it. Hartnell being one. That ovechkin made the team over his own teammate nick backstrom is a complete travesty. It just goes to show that its still a business no matter how u slice it. u cant tell me the fan vote is the way to go either because look how that turned out.

  10. NHL’s ASG’s overated anyway. Shytecan the “all-star draft” and have the Captain’s voted-on by fans and have the real East vs West players fight for Stanley Cup home ice advantage like baseball’s ASG.

  11. Happy for the guys that were chosen to go and well deserved, but the ASG means nothing in the scheme of things and is a recipe for injury to some of the team’s best players. Would be nice if that was a few days for the entire team to rest up!

  12. The ASG “skills competition” should include fisticuffs. The ASG should feature huge hits and bench-clearing brawls. The only way to make this work is if the guy with the most goals, the guy with the most penalty minutes, the goalie with the most saves and the guy with the most assists at the end of the game earns their team a 2pt bonus in the standings. As it is now, the ASG format is pretty dull, and the game itself is pretty much unwatchable. Make it interesting. Somehow.

  13. I get that Hartnell probably deserves to be in Ottawa, but using plus/minus as a supporting stat is laughable. There might not be a more flawed stat in sports, unless we’re to believe that Mike Green really deserved to be a Norris candidate or that Hartnell (+19) is a better player than all but one of the NHL’s top 20 scorers.

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