Danny Briere Out Indefinitely with Concussion

 Awesome. After today’s 4-1 win against the Devils, Paul Holmgren announced that Danny Briere would be out indefinitely with a concussion. Add Briere to a list that this season has included Claude Giroux, Chris Pronger, James van Riemsdyk and Brayden Schenn. Typical. Philadelphia typical. 


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  1. Concussions are going wild across the league this year. Hopefully Briere heals quickly, but now will be Schenn’s best time to shine. I’m sure he will get more ice time; we just have to hope he does something with it.

  2. These guys need better helmets. In this day and age they can’t come up with some lightweight pads that better protect players? And I know the NHL sells on being a tough sport but if they really cared they would have NASCAR’d the boards by now.

  3. I don’t understand the “typical” comment. It’s not like db was producing much. Hope he gets better.

  4. I’m no hockey expert, but I can’t remember the last time there had been such a rash of concussions throughout the league in a single season, and the Flyers have had more than their fair share. And to Rog, I don’t think the problem is the helmets as much as the players today being bigger and stronger and faster, often resulting in more violent and punishing collisions. Short of outfitting helmets with Kevlar, I don’t see how things will change.

  5. Duke: I too would like to see the Niners win, because that would mean seeing David Akers go to the Super Bowl, sweet revenge after Fatboy Andy jettisoned him like so much trash.

  6. These ORganIzations are scared shitless about getting sued by ex players so they are taking no chances. In the past these guys would have for the most part sucked it up and got on the ice.

  7. Yeah, and today, those players from the past are screwed up from concussion-related maladies because they “sucked it up” and didn’t get help for any head injuries they incurred. Sure, they chose their profession and understood the tremendous risks involved, I’d be a fool to deny it, but that doesn’t mean they should suffer for the sport they played.

  8. Let’s hope that it’s more like Giroux’ concussion and less like Pronger’s (same goes for JVR too).
    If you looked carefully he was in FL in the box with the Flyers’ Das the other night, so that might be a good sign.
    Get better soon Danny. Although some are grumbling that your season hasn’t been to great thus far, real fans know you’ll hit your stride, as sure as shyte that they know how much of your heart you have given in the past for our team.

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