Douchebag Patrick Kane Reenacts Stanley Cup Winning Goal at Morning Skate

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I promised I wouldn’t post Patrick Kane’s Stanley Cup winning goal again, but I'm sure you remember it… 

This morning, the Blackhawks were back on the ice at the now-Wells Fargo Center for the first time since winning the Cup in 2010. And guess what Patrick Kane did?


More from the Chicago Tribune

"(It wasn't) as intense as I did a couple of years ago but I went back there and kind of retraced it," Kane said as the team prepared for Thursday night's game against the Flyers, the Hawks' first appearance in Philadelphia since that magical June 9, 2010 night. "(Teammate Bryan) Bickell pretended he was the defenseman and I just kind of shot it in the same place where the puck got lost there. It was a fun moment. It went in today. Thank God I made that shot."

"It was exciting," he said. "Just driving in on the bus, seeing all the stadiums outside (and) coming into the lockerroom. I remember this lockeroom being packed with my family and friends and teammates and other … (members) of the organization last time we were in here. It's a little bit different not having the big shiny Cup with us but it still brings back a lot of memories." 


Flyers-Blackhawks, tonight at 7 p.m. Tickets available right here starting at – ironically – $88, the same number worn by Kane…


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  1. Kane is a d’bag for re-enacting the goal. Where is Ed Hospodar and Dave Brown when we need them?

  2. Anyone upset with this is a fucking idiot. It was at Thursday morning’s skate, not in the damned game. He’s not rubbing it in and being a dick.
    Let’s say YOU score the winning Stanley Cup goal in Chicago and then don’t go to the United Center for a couple years. Then it’s your first time back, and it’s the site of the most exciting thing (maybe) to ever happen to you. Any fool (especially a Philly area native) would do the same damn thing.
    Get over it. We fucking lost fair and square. It’s not like he did it after scoring a goal in the game.

  3. My comments were tongue in cheek, relax. I know he’s not rubbing it in, but re-enacting it in practice is stupid. If he wants to relive the heroics, he can watch the video over and over. He is a d’bag.

  4. So does he jerk off every time he see’s a picture of Palmela Handerson so he can relive his first jerking off session too?

  5. It still burns me up that the Flyers lost that draft lottery. From what I’ve read, they’re the only team that’s finished with the worst record in the league and DIDN’T get the #1 pick.

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