Dream Team Member Vince Young Was Hanging Out in New York With Drake This Week


Photo via our friend HughE Dillon of PhillyChitChat.com, your one-stop shop for Philly gossip, and pictures of people more beautiful and rich than you are

From the NY Post:

George Lucas lunching with Francis Ford Coppola at Michael’s while at another table was Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger . . . Eagles quarterback Vince Young buying a round of Hennessy and Cokes at the bar at La Pomme while hanging out with Drake and J. Cole . . . Cameron Diaz sneaking in the back door of Equinox in West Hollywood to avoid photographers in front of the posh fitness club. Spies said she appeared to be in a cheerful mood and stayed for over an hour.


Any time you can find Vince Young in the same graf as George Lucas and Sully is a victory in my book. 

Screen Shot 2012-01-13 at 1.59.35 PM

No pics of Young, but here's a photo gallery from the event. I don't think I would have fit in. However, there was a ton of ass and camel toe present.


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  1. When you say a “ton of ass” do you mean those nappy headed hoes and dirty white whores in those pics on Facebook? no thanks, I’ve seen better talent at the Penns Port Pub on Delaware ave.

  2. Wait a minute. Is that guy seriously letting Vince Young sign, or should I say deface, his Reggie White/Jerome Brown jersey?!? What a shmuck!

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