Epic Lacrosse Fight! Epic Lacrosse Fight!

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You see, here’s the difference between hockey and lacrosse fights: hockey fights are somewhat controlled because they take place within the confines of the very fact that the combatants are on ice. Once a solid punch is landed or one person goes down, the fight ends itself.

Lacrosse fracases are different.

Without that great equalizer – ice – these things can turn into all-out street fights, which is exactly what happened last night between the Wings and Knighthawks in South Philadelphia. And yes, there was a goalie fight. 

Video after the jump.

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  1. this is how they should settle ties in team sports. no more overtime. fight until one team is victorious.

  2. I bet the sponsor Colonial is loving that their add for a $1999 counter top is running on the crawler screen while they got the fights up on the big screen.

  3. Number 2 and 6 stand there then entire time talking to each other like “Do we get in this too? Or should we just watch?”

  4. All of those studs are welcome to drag their sweaty sacks across my lips & face.

  5. There were 8,813 people at that game. These fights took place in the last few minutes of the game when many fans had left because the Wings were down by 10 points. All in All it was a pretty decent game. The Wings just didn’t play well in the 2nd half, frustration levels were high and that’s when the fights broke out. Not uncommon for a Lax game.

  6. And this is why the Phila Wings will ALWAYS be the best bang for your buck in this town. 10 bucks for games, see more fights than the NHL and its higher scoring.

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