Evan Turner Gets Real With Magic Johnson on Twitter

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Sometimes professional athletes pretend not to care about what outsiders, pundits, scriptuals and talking heads have to say about their (or their team’s) performance. But, sometimes, they do care.

Yesterday, Evan Turner took to the Tweets to fire a, um, threat at Magic Johnson, who was about to give his (long-awaited?) Top 5 Teams in the East list:

Screen Shot 2012-01-30 at 11.43.03 AM

Oh. Shit. It just got real. Anything but the documentary, bro.

Alas, Magic wrongly excluded the Sixers from his top five by instead putting the Celtics on the list, and we now fully expect that Beaker will be doing some serious iTunes cleansing today. The horror.


7 Responses

  1. Of all the things you can say about Magic. I would have mocked his late night show or brought up all those “ladies” who could have given him HIV.

  2. I saw that ish as well, John Barry said that he would rather put the hawks and pacers in the top 5 ahead of the sixers(two teams the sixers beat). Then turned around and said the sixers havent beaten anyone.

  3. The fucking Celtics? You mean the “under .500” celtics? NBA analysts are the fucking worst.

  4. Schtick, HIV jokes aren’t really funny. And I’m not surprised, even had we beaten the heat last week we’d still have been left out because they didn’t have D Wade. Hopefully they’ll just take this and use it to prove their doubters wrong. And Matt, he was at a flyers game last year and wore an orange helmet with a puck stuck in it.

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