Flyers Fan Involved in Geno’s Fight Turns Himself In

In case you haven't seen it yet: [NBC Philadelphia]

Police confirm that the suspect turned himself around 2 p.m. Thursday, just after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Police sources say he went to his attorney's South Jersey office and that's where he was taken into custody.


NBC Philadelphia has the full story.


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  1. I suspected it was some Jersey trash. Who else would spend all day drinking at a douchehole like the South Philly Bar and Grill and then go to shitty Geno’s.

  2. I think we should send him to the Garden for the next Rangers game with a sign on the back of his Flyers jersey identifying him as the assailant.
    It’s almost a self fulfilling prophecy in Philadelphia that some prople think they need to live up to the “Philly Fan” reputation. It has to stop!

  3. This is the equivalent of WHITE GUILT for Philadelphians
    Stop being such homos
    No Love,
    Beez Nutz

  4. Congrats Boba Fett. You think those reporters have a slight anti-Philly bias or just needed to throw in the “savages” remark to meet some quota? Love to chat more but I’m going to Pittsburgh to punch out a few pregos.

  5. “A witness told police that he said, “Welcome to South Philly mother f%#*er” after knocking out Auricchio, police sources said.”
    LOL, was that his first time in south philly too?

  6. This guy is an asshole.
    Before the punch he was an asshole.
    His whole world is about to implode.

  7. Note to self: Do not sucker punch an off duty cop and war hero while being filmed. I can’t imagine this guy has slept well in the past week.

  8. Welcome to South Philly motherfucker! Oh, where am I from? Glassboro. Why? Motherfucker! (punch)

  9. PS:
    I’m glad he’s too young to have witnessed the REAL Broad Street Bullies win The Cup. Of course, if he was old enough, he might have known better than to be such dumb-shyte to do what he did.

  10. 32 yrs old and still getting into fights at/after sporting events? That’s embarrassing, but of course embarrassment is the least of his worries right now.

  11. Something tells me this guy’s past (and maybe shady present?) could become the bigger story.
    Just sayin’.

  12. Fats here’s this guy’s past:
    1) His parents are originally from South Philly. Moved to NJ mid 80’s to get away from quote “the gooks”.
    2) His one uncle knew a guy whose cousin’s sister-in-law went to school with a kid who saw Angelo Bruno one time when he was really young at one of his grandparents house.
    3) Therefore, he is a tough guy and frequents South Philly’s most tourist-friendly spots letting everyone know how South Philly he is.
    3a) Most likely impotent

  13. His punishment should be what @Duke said….take him to the Garden and let the Ranger fans get revenge.
    ….eye for an eye….
    What a loser.

  14. I wonder if he’s related to the NJ Phillies Barfing-on-people “fan” – same type of asshole, same state of origin. As a Philadelphia sports fan, I wish people like that would patronize Philly sports from the confines of their own homes.

  15. Duke, you couldn’t be more right. Sadly, though I think most will “grow out of that” calling, it happens much too late. To hell with the scumbags that will back that notion to be a brute in the name of a city’s team….for fuck’s sake.

  16. Beez nutz, go blow your dad you worthless fuck. It’s not funny. You’re not funny. What’s almost funny is how little you are thought of by your own family.
    Suck it.
    Sincerely, a human being who with apparently more cerebellum than you

  17. Dis dude was just protecting da orange & the black. Much respect for putting dat ranger fan to sleep

  18. Would it be possible to make the Walt Whitman and Ben Franklin into draw bridges? That way, we can keep this jersey scum out during our sporting events.

  19. I have family that lives in South Jersey. No lie, about 75% of the people in their town are former Kensington and Port Richmond natives. Not surprisingly, most of them are complete douchebags.

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